Book Review: Vengeful (Villains #2) by V.E. Schwab

Vengeful continues the dark story of the Victor Vale and Eli Evers feud. This story was pretty epic I did not like it as much as the first one, but it is still pretty amazing story, and captured the tone of the first novel while adding new characters you will loath and love, and keeping the theme of revenge.

The plot: After the events of Vicious, Victor is back but soon he realizes he is not whole. He keeps dying then reviving himself. He wants this fixed and hopes some other EO can eventually fix him, He starts tracking them down and kills them when they can’t help to not lead them away from the new organization who is tracking down EO’s. Little does Vale know that Eli is helping them track this EO down while in his prison cell in an agreement that they will not experiment on him anymore. Eli doesn’t know Victor survived there last battle but clues start pointing to his old foe, which he keeps secret from Stell, who started the organization after the events of Vicious which track EO’s and imprison them and perform studies. A new EO Marcella who can erode anything, craves power, and quickly starts taking over the city. Stell makes a deal with Marcella that he won’t go after her if she can lead him to the EO killing healers. Sydney is against the killing but agrees she has found out that Mitch has killed her sister and doesn’t know what to do with the information. Sydney has met a new EO that can shapeshift named June and not told Victor or Mitch about it, it’s unaware if June’s intensions are genuine or if she has a plan involving Sydney.

What I liked: The dark tone is set early. The characters we love or loathe are all added upon and grow. The structure is the same as Vicious where it jumps around in time but leads up to an event. This one adds characters to the same structure but it manages to still make sense and not confuse the reader like Paula Hawkins’ Into the Water did as the follow up to The Girl on the Train. The conclusion was really epic and wrapped up a lot of individual story lines. This novel gets pretty gory and described so well. The ending was complete with room for expansion.

What I disliked: I think a little too much time was spent on Marcella and not on other characters especially Victor, at the end of the novel I couldn’t figure out what he even wanted to live for, it seems like death would’ve been more preferable.

Recommendations: If you’re a fan of the first book you must continue this epic story. A fan of the superhero genre and what this book adds to it. This is a good step up novel from Young Adult to Standard Fiction. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars, it was almost a five for me.

Book Review:Vicious by V.E. Schwab

I really did enjoy this book! it wasn’t your standard good Vs. evil it was kind of evil thinking he was good Vs. evil that still has some good in him. I love what does for the super hero genre.  It could be compared to Professor X and Magento, with different powers, and instead of one bad guy there was two with his own ideas, thinking he was doing good.

It is currently 2.99 in the Kindle Store I highly recommend you checking it out!
The Plot: Victor and Eli are roommates and best friends, when Eli make a discovery that people with Extra Ordinary powers (mutants basically) are made not through genetics but by surviving a near death experience. Victor volunteers to test the theory but it doesn’t work. Then Eli tries and it does work he has rapid healing. Victor want to try again, but Eli wants him to wait, and preoccupied with his own new powers. Victor not wanting to wait guilts Eli’s girlfriend and Victor’s friend first to help. It works Victor gets the power but Eli’s girlfriend dies in the process, Victor’s power is the taking and giving of pain which he eventually begins to control. Eli fights Victor and leaves him for dead, setting the accident with his girlfriend to look like murder in the process. Victor is arrested and spends 10 years plotting his revenge, while Eli has spent the last ten years eliminating people with abilities saying it’s curse and he’s God’s instrument to get rid of it. Victor comes up with a plan to stop Eli and take his revenge, with an unlikely ally a young girl who can bring things back from the dead, that Eli has already failed to eliminate.

What I liked: The switching of dates and times at every chapter, the writing is good so I didn’t get confused and it gave real insight to the characters and their current situation. The characters are not black and white, good or evil, but blurred. Easy too read and picture. There’s unresolved issues and a secret involving a powerful ally, I like that it didn’t wrap in a bow for the ending. The character’s are amazing and very well thought out, their struggles on good and evil make this book so captivating, even if they did not have powers.  How they got powers was really interesting and new.

What I didn’t like: We never really saw Eli’s feelings on his girlfriend dying, which I would’ve wanted to see.

I loved this book and will get the next book in the series Vengeful when available in September. I will say the violence is high, there’s drug use, and there is a little language, I would recommend in to a 15 to 16 year old at the earliest. I would recommend this to comic book and graphic novel readers.  I would also recommend this book as a great way to dip your toe into this genre of supernatural and comics as well.  I enjoyed this one more than the other series I read of hers called Shades of Magic.  I give this 4.7 out of 5 stars my highest review so far.