Star Wars: The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott

Star Wars: The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott is the Second novel in the High Republic (which take place 200 years before Star Wars: A New Hope) books for adults. This novel takes place mere months after after the event in Light of the Jedi. All those character that were given brief intros in Light of the Jedi, are finally able to be fully realized character that you can get behind. We follow Stellan Gios, Bell Zettifar, and Elzar Mann as our main Jedi characters the villain is the same except more brutal and powerful, there’s only one new character of note Ty Yorrick a former Jedi that as avoided the order at all cost is confronted by one of the order. I was bummed that one of my favorite character Avar Kriss from Light of the Jedi was missing in this novel she’s a presence but never in a scene. I was like he High Replublic create this this strong female Jedi in the first book and in the second novel features only male Jedi as leads. Why Star wars why? One thing I liked, I read Star Wars: Into the Dark which is the first Young Adult novel in the High Republic series and was rewarded as I got the origins of the Drengir a species that is recking havoc all over the galaxy. This book has a good flow and was quite a page turner. The book has some moments of epicness, but the main plot takes care place at a fair, and I’m sorry there is nothing too epic about that even if the fair is more like the World’s fair. This book has been my favorite of the Star Wars High Republic books so far.

The Plot of Light of the Jedi: The Legacy Run, a starship, is destroyed in a hyperspace accident sending shards and debris though out the galaxy. The Jedi and the republic work together to stop the debris that heads for stars, moons, and planets. The Jedi search for how this is possible as the responsible party , The Nihil, seek to destroy all evidence. The Nihil are space pirates operating on the outer rim, and see their reign come to an end as the Jedi set up the first of many beacons on the outer rim. The Nihil will do anything to maintain their power.

The Plot of The Rising Storm: Marchion Ro fought tooth and nail to become the leader of the Nihil, now he has to keep it. The Jedi have arrived on the outer rim and are throwing a huge fair to bring alliances together and show strength. The Nihil are determined to destroy the Jedi as they plan to kill the chancellor of the republic. Machion Ro knows he can’t do it alone a gets an ancient weapon that can rival the Jedi. Elzar Mann newly promoted from padawan to jedi has a lot to prove, he has visions of pain and destruction, but doesn’t know if he can stop it. Bell Zettifar must get used to his new master while hoping his old master is still alive somewhere. Stellan Gios is in charge of security protecting the chancellor and her son as he has to protect the Nihil’s main target.

What I Liked: The flow of the book was great it was a good fast paced read. The cliffhanger was great and will lead to cool things this was book was called The Rising Storm and the next is The Gathering Storm. I liked the characters Bell Zettifar and Ty Yorrick were my favorites. I liked that the Nihil have so much inter struggles. Every Nihil pirate is not on the same plan. I loved the search for the artifact that will change everything when it was used at the end of the novel. The action was awesome and easy to follow.

What I Disliked: I already stated I just thought the fair was a kind of lame setting. There’s was a line that took me out of this book when they started talking about the hydra from mythology, are they dating Star Wars, could you not have thought of a creature where we get the same concept.

Recommendation: I thought this book was a lot of fun ad a good sequel to Light of the Jedi. There’s a lot of fun action and some smart plot twists. I rated Star Wars: The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott 4 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: Star Wars: The High Republic: Into the Dark by Claudia Gray

Star Wars: The High Republic: Into the Dark by Claudia Gray is an adventure filled Star Wars novel where the best character is a rock, no I’m not kidding the rock steals so many scenes and keeps the humor up. I liked the mix of humor and adventure. Into the Dark takes place at the same time as the first High Republic novel Light of the Jedi. This book covers 4 new Jedi that were not mentioned in Light of the Jedi, the timeframe is at the same time but these Jedi are dealing wit a different crisis. I liked the main character Reath Silas and enjoyed his adventure best. the other Jedi were hard to connect with for some reason. I enjoyed the story overall but I did feel disconnected to some of the characters. The story does a good overall arc and nails the theme of teamwork. Into the Dark is written for young adult audience of 12 and up, i thought this dealt with more adult themes than Light of the Jedi, it has drug use and a couple times does a character ask about having sex. I have heard good things about Claudia Gray’s writing especially Lost Stars which I have never read but friends and other bloggers are obsessed with, I love the overall arc and theme but was not blown away by it. I felt the ending was satisfactory and well plotted out with a lot of action. The High Republic takes place 200 years before The Phantom Menace.

The Plot Reath Silas is a 17 year old Padawan who loves the research aspect of being a jedi and living at the Jedi Temple, when his master takes a position on the outer rim, the frontier for the Jedi. Reath can think of a million reasons not to go. He reluctantly takes the journey to meet his master when his voyage is cut short by a disaster that blocks all the hyper space lines of travel. They find a space station that is off the map, and assist other stranded ships. But what the Jedi finds is a space station with the dark side of the force lurking in the dark. Can Reath and the other stranded Jedi’s stop this force before it starts effecting others?

What I Liked: I didn’t know where this story was heading, it kind of has two parts, and a twist in the middle. Liked the ending a lot great rising action with some twist thrown in and nailed the climax which got intense. Geode the rock and navigator of the Vessel is awesome the strong and silent type. Geode is the butt of a lot of the jokes and darn it if I didn’t chuckle every time. Reath Silas is almost a Bilbo Baggins type character that is so against adventure until he’s in it and wants to go back in it. I liked the whole Vessel crew they were all fun characters.

What I Disliked: The Obvious jokes about Spice in Star Wars being compared to marijuana, It was too obvious and took me right out. The flashbacks are pointless until the end it could have been summed up in a story instead of breaking it into 5 boring parts (the first part was exciting then they grew boring) I could only connect to one out of 4 Jedi’s.

Recommendations: I will recommend Into the Dark on story alone. The story is really go it does add a whole lot to the Jedi lore but it is just a good unpredictable story. The good out weighed the bad in this story. I rated Star Wars: The High Republic: Into the Dark by Claudia Gray 3 out of 5 stars. I was between 3 and 4 but ultimately thought is was closer to a 3. I will check out more of Claudia Gray’s writing which was good but still felt detached from far too many characters.

Book Review: The Apocalypse Seven by Gene Doucette

The Apocalypse Seven by Gene Doucette is a fantastic science fiction thriller with a clever ending you will not see coming. This book is The Wanders by Chuck Wendig meets Contact by Carl Sagan. A really good mix of the apocalypse with alien involvement. The characters are unique only a couple are annoying, by most in a quirky sort of way. The plot moves pretty fast and the more you find out is pretty interesting, every chapter digs more into the mystery. The finale is was really clever in what it means, I was kind of disappointed in the direction it was going but the book has a twist that totally redeems its self. I really hope people read this book, this has been my favorite new science fiction since The Wanders and Recursion. I don’t think it is on the same level as those books but was very surprised how much I enjoyed this book. I read this book curtesy of Netgalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as part of John Joseph Adams/Mariner Books. The Apocalypse Seven was published on May 25 2021.

The Plot: Robbie wakes up in his dorm after at Harvard after a hangover, to find everything in his room changed, he’s in the right dorm but everything is different. It is so different he can not find another living soul on his floor. He here’s faint crying from a distance it is a blind woman Carol calling for her seeing eye dog. She says she can’t hear anything, and Robbie looks out side to see a vast forest and no other species around. They start finding various people and finding signs temperature changes, tornadoes, and roaming wolf packs, that the earth as they know it doesn’t exist. They call it the whateverpocalypse because it is so random, but will they survive it? They feel watched but can’t see who is watching?

What I Liked: I liked how funny parts were, it makes the novel really flow. I liked the mystery of what happened to 7 random strangers and how it kept building with every chapter. I liked liked how Carol who is blind was written through sounds and feeling, which made for intense scenes with the wolf pack. I love loved the ending, I was setting myself up for disappointment but the final twist was great one that changed everything. I liked that we met the puppet master and he was not who anybody was expecting. I liked how Robbie became the reluctant leader. I loved Win and how tough she was.

What I Disliked: The character of Toure was a bit much at times. I wanted to see more of Paul’s encounter’s with the wild. There were a couple of moments where you have to suspend disbelief and science a lot, I was able to do that and still enjoy the book, I know some people can’t and this might not be the book for you.

Recommendation: I think this was a fun little book, with good storytelling and fun characters. The ending is fantastic and such a good twist. I had a lot of fun with this book. I rated The Apocalypse Seven by Gene Doucette 5 out of 5 stars. The rating was between 4 and 5 with the fun level and twist pushing it to a 5. This is my first Gene Doucette but I will check out other works in the future.

Book Review: Fugitive Telemetry by Martha Wells

Fugitive Telemetry by Martha Wells is Murderbot Diaries book 6. This time Murderbot plays detective investigating a murder at Preservation Station that only it can solve. After the epic Network Effect that was my favorite in the series comes the sadly lackluster Fugitive Telemetry that is my least favorite so far. The plot is okay, it’s not really a murder that can be solved but the right beats are there, The problem with this one is Murderbot doesn’t have that much interaction with anyone, and the action is really limited. This has been one of my favorite series but this book just didn’t gel with me. I read Fugitive Telemetry through advanced readers copy curtesy of Netgalley and Macmillion-Tor/ Forge books. Fugitive Telemetry is published on 4-27-21.

The Plot: Murderbot discovers a body on Preservation Station. He’s the main suspect for a while thinking he got hacked, but Murderbot convinces and works with the local security to solve the crime. Murderbot has vowed not to hack his way into security, so this case is going to be harder than he thought.

What I Liked: The couple glimpses of Murderbot personality are good. The plot was not that bad. I did enjoy the twist reveal, and what the killer turned out to be. The Murderbot and Dr. Mensah still works and is still the most interesting. I liked the couple call backs to past novels.

What I Disliked: When we last saw Murderbot he was staying on a transport with ART saying he must go away, so I was pretty shocked to see him already back on Preservation Station with Dr. Mensah who he just told was leaving. This novel felt like it was the Murderbot before he was changed at end of the last book. Not enough witty Murderbot scenes.

Recommendations: This is the only Murderbot book that I have not recommended. There’s not much character development in this one the lowest amount so far. It seems this was an experiment it just didn’t work out for me. I still love this series and eagerly await the next installment. I rated Fugitive Telemetry by Martha Wells 2 out of 5 stars. I raked the 6 book series so far in order from best to worst: Network Effect, Artificial Condition, All Systems Red, Exit Strategy, Rogue Protocol, and Fugitive Telemetry.

Book Review: Network Effect by Martha Wells

Network Effect by Martha Wells is Murderbot Diaries number five. This is the only full novel in the series with the rest being novellas. I have read and loved the character of Murderbot for 4 previous novels. The series has had highs and lows, I felt the formula was getting a little predictable, then Network Effect came out and changed the narrative making this book my favorite in the series so far. It took the best parts, intense action, witty dialogue, human interaction, and character growth, and expand them. The pace of this book is pretty fast it slows down a little in the middle but after intense scene after intense scene I welcomed the slow down. Network Effect brought back my favorite character from the series ART (an acronym for “Asshole Research Transport”) from Artificial Condition book 2. I do think you have to read all the books to understand all the relationship, and just to see how far Murderbot has come. I read this because I received an advanced readers copy from Netgalley for book six Fugitive Telemetry I plan on reading it soon as it comes out on April 27.

Plot: Murderbot is back with the first science team that he saved and was released by. After Murderbot spent time on self discovery, and looking for evidence to back the scientists claims. He found the evidence and had to save the crew once again, and now he is back living among them as part of the crew. Dr. Mensah entrust Murderbot with her most valuable thing, her daughter Amena, which don’t get along it could be that he doesn’t listen to her or the fact that he almost killed her boyfriend reading him as a threat. Murderbot, Amena, and other members are on a scouting mission, right after they enter a wormhole the ship his hit and invaded, some of the member escape but Amena stayed behind, and so did Murderbot to rescue her. Murderbot takes the invaders down who are looking for a weapon, he starts to notice the other ship is his old buddy ART who he stowed away on to get a way last time. ART helped change his identity and gave Muderbot some of his code. Murderbot finds that ART has been purged from the ship and finds a way to bring him back, with ART telling him he sent the hostiles here to grab you. Murderbot is the Weapon they want.

What I Liked: The action and humor are great and the highlights of this book. Murderbot becoming more human, everybody telling him to sit down and think that he is becoming emotionally compromised, but Muderbot can process thought so fast he doesn’t get while people are telling him to sit down. ART and Muderbot’s relationship goes through so much to loss, happiness, confusion, and anger. Muderbot’s relationship with Amena is a great one as well as they figure out how to communicate with each other, Murderbot going after the hidden boyfriend is great. The twist and turns in this book are great. I like the other SecUnits so you can see how far Murderbot has come.

What I Disliked: The descriptions could have been a little tighter, I had a hard time following all the action especially the drone action scenes. I can’t picture how big the drone is, I’ll read another passage and think it is smaller.

Recommendations: This book is amazing if you’ve started this wonderful series you have to read up to this point. If you’ve never read this series then you’re in for a treat. Start with All Systems Red the first four books are short novellas and easy to read in a day. I totally recommend this series. I rated Network Effect by Martha Wells 5 out of 5 stars, my highest rating so far for the series. I raked the 5 book series so far in order from best to worst: Network Effect, Artificial Condition, All Systems Red, Exit Strategy, and Rogue Protocol.

Book Review: Light of the Jedi (Star Wars: High Republic) by Charles Soule

Light of the Jedi (Star Wars: The High Republic) by Charles Soule is a fantastic introduction to a new timeline taking places 200 before the Phantom Menace. This is the first book in the new cannon (that started when The Force Awakens came out) that has told a new story not involving events that film and television have touched on. Yoda is the only character from the Skywalker Saga. The book starts out introducing a dizzying amount of characters all dealing with a crisis, thankfully it slows down and lets you get to know the characters a little. This is an ensemble piece with no main character, which got on my nerves at first, but it worked well at the end. The villain’s plan is pretty genius, the way it unite people through manipulation and lies. The new Jedi I came away having some mixed feeling, just because you don’t spend that much time with them, sense it bounces around so much. I came away liking 3 out of the 7 that were introduced.

The Plot: The Legacy Run, a starship, is destroyed in a hyperspace accident sending shards and debris though out the galaxy. The Jedi and the republic work together to stop the debris that heads for stars, moons, and planets. The Jedi search for how this is possible as the responsible party , The Nihil, seek to destroy all evidence. The Nihil are space pirates operating on the outer rim, and see their reign come to an end as the Jedi set up the first of many beacons on the outer rim. The Nihil will do anything to maintain their power.

What I Liked: The intro was really intense and keeps ramping up the action, it felt like it was more of a Justice League crisis than Star Wars but I enjoyed it. The range of Jedi powers, we have seen them communicate through telepathy but not on this scale which was cool, also there is one Jedi who uses the force of nature which I liked seeing. The twist and turns with the Nihil’s master plan was amazing to see it work out for a leader I felt was weak at first to be so good at plotting and seeing the endgame. The character sacrifices are felt through out and did evoke a emotion from me.

What I Disliked: There was one line where forensic science was brought up that took me right out of the book, there could have been some made up word where we would have understood the science being talked about, but forensic science took me right out of the book. We don’t spend enough time with the characters to form a bond.

Recommendation: This book is a good intro to a star wars series with a lot of potential. I have read probably 15 Star Wars novels in my lifetime and this is one of the better ones. This is a Jedi of one mind which we haven’t seen before, and the villains are smart and pose a good future threat. I’m for sure going to check out the next book, I got a good sample the characters but now I want a taste. I rated Light of the Jedi (Star Wars: High Republic) by Charles Soule 4 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: Inspection by Josh Malerman

Inspection by Josh Malerman is an interesting look at genius and distractions of the opposite sex. This is my third Josh Malerman book and man are his stories out there. which I like. This story is best if you know as little as possible going in. I actually think this story is ruined by it’s own book cover synopsis, since t cover 75% of the story, I was waiting for a twist and a greater meaning then the one we got. The climax is big and went a lot further ten I thought the story was going. We get two perspectives J a boy and K a girl. We get J first who is the least interesting of the two then the characters meet and we follow K until the meeting. The story does repeat itself a little two often. I fell the plot is brilliant but the execution was lacking, there where a couple moments I was just bored and frustrated at the material. This book is hard to classify it had science fiction elements as well as horror elements.

The Plot: J is a boy that grew up in an experiment to find genius without distraction of the opposite sex or religion. He along with 26 other boys are apart of it, A and Z have been taken out of the experiment. Everything is designed not to reveal the secret hey have a writer on hand that will right morals of right and wrong never mentioning a place or gender. The writer is having a lot of doubts and writes a story involving a woman, which he distributes behind the Parenthood’s, the organization that controls the experiment, back. J reads the entire story, when the parenthood find out he is called for inspection and lies. He now knows women exist. He keeps coming to the woods sure that there is something watching him. He gets a surprise visit from K, a girl, who sneaks around at night from the woods and is from a camp that is all girls and was not told about boys. This secret will lead him to question everything.

What I Liked: the story concepts is rally smart and out of the box. I liked the character of K and how she found out about the camp of boys. The corner reveal was shocking and well done. I liked the finally and was surprised just how far the secrets revealed can go. I wanted to know more about M.O.M. and D.A.D., before they started the experiment and their motivation. I liked the two writer for the Parenthood that are both bitter to be putting out such mediocre books for each gender. I did like a line at the end proving the experiment worked and they were genius minded.

What I Disliked: The synopsis gave way too much away. I felt like we shouldn’t know about the sister school of just girls. I wanted more twisted and turns this book does have a few, an idea I thought they were leading us two is they are all one gender and told they are what ever, but that was not the case. K is my far the more interesting character I feel she should have been first since she finds out organically, unlike J who reads a book.

Recommendations: I think the story is brilliant with a lot of possibilities, I just did not like where the Malerman went with it and can not recommend it. The story reminded me a little bit about Wool by Hugh Howley and how the secrets were revealed. I wanted to like this book more but it didn’t connect for me. I have rated Josh Malerman’s past two books Bird Box and A House at the Bottom of the Lake both five stars, but this book didn’t do it for me. I rated Inspection by Josh Malerman 3 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: In The Quick by Kate Hope Day

In The Quick by Kate Hope Day is about the life of female astronaut from 12 to adulthood. There’s a missing crew which seems important and is the driving force until the end when it is about life choice more so. The character work on June is really interesting I actually liked the scenes with her at the astronaut school then her actually being an astronaut in space. The first 50% is all about astronaut school and the other 50% has her in space and going to missions. I loved 75% of this book but man is the last 25% bad. You have a super smart independent female lead, that is ready to throw the mission which has been the reason for her becoming an astronaut, for a borderline abusive relationship. The ending is such a cheat it focuses on the relationship and not on saving people. I was invested in the this mission of saving people, and for it to end before they’re saved is horrible. I was liking this book so much, to throw it all away makes me mad. I would like to think Netgalley and Random House for the ARC. In The Quick by Kate Hope Day is published on March 2nd 2021.

The Plot: June grows up being raised by her aunt and uncle after her parents death at a young age. June’s Uncle is her hero he developed the fuel cells for space shuttles one space shuttle the Inquiry is going on a 6 year manned mission the longest of its kind. half way through the mission the fuel cells have stopped working. June’s uncle and team start working on it but her uncle passes unexpectedly. June doesn’t want to give up. Her aunt put her in NSP an astronaut school, where June is an outcast with big ideas put no one gives her the time of day. She joins a group developing a metal hand, which know one understands her ideas that are two advance she works on her ideas in secret and changes them on the presentation day. The group is blown away since they could not get it to work, June’s ideas are acknowledged, and years later she get a space mission. she has never given up hope that the crew of the Inquiry is still alive, and on the space mission she risk all for a theory.

What I Liked: The character of June really smart and thanks outside of the box makes smart and sound choices, and takes risk. The charter let me down at the end but I enjoyed getting to know her. I like the way we got to see Junes mind work with how she developed the superior mechanical hand. I liked her determination and how she didn’t give up on the crew still being alive of the Inquiry after 6 years. I really liked the pool training scenes both Junes and the Inquiry crews run. I did think the pick moon was cool. I love the cover art to this book a lot.

What I Disliked: The ending, so bad. This book is being compare to the Martian, here’s what this book did, say Jessica Chastain’s character believes Matt Damon’s character is still alive, she spends six years trying to prove this, in the fifth year she meets a guy has an affair. The prove Matt Damon’s alive, The people having the affair work on the fuel cell that the guy destroyed in a jealous rage. You finally get the mission to save Matt Damon but all you can thank of is the guy you had the affair with. You’re on you way to save Matt Damon and the book is over! What the heck.

Recommendations: I want to recommend this book again because of some truly fantastic character work, but I can not. I don’t want anybody getting as upset as I did over this book. I got the arc to this early and was super excited but left feeling disappointed. I rated In The Quick by Kate Hope Day 3 out of 5 stars. More 2.5 but I did enjoy the first 50 percent so much.

Book Review: Goosebumps – Why I’m Afraid of Bees by R. L. Stine

Why I’m Afraid of Bees by R. L. Stine is Goosebumps book number 17 in the original order. This book is filled with bees the first sentence warns. The story is a take on The Fly meets It’s a Wonderful Life where two people try to switch bodies but a bee gets in the mix. This story is the most twilight zone like, and the only Goosebumps book with a truly happy ending. The story is pretty focused the jump scares are rare and not too bad when happen. The story sometimes felt a bit too informational, and not enough about the scares. This story has a little elements of horror, but more science fiction than horror.

The Plot: Gary Lutz is tired of being “Lutz the Klutz”. He wants a change. everybody picks on him, his younger sister, her mean cat, the neighbor next door who’s a beekeeper, Bees in general, and neighborhood kids. Gary gets the opportunity of a life time, the chance to switch bodies with a cooler kid in the same grade Dirk Davis. The experiment was going perfect until a bee got in the way, the Dirk Davis becomes Gary, Gary becomes a bee, and the bee is in the mind of Dirk Davis. Gary want the experiment over, but Dirk doesn’t want to switch . What’s Gary to do become a bee the rest of his life,? Or do something drastic to his own body?

What I Liked: This book flows pretty well, not to many boring parts. The bee puns are bad but funny bad. I like the only way Gary can speak mostly through microphones. I love the character who runs Person to Person, body switching store. The ending was happy, yet still pretty perfect for this story. I loved the way the Bee acted in Dirk’s body.

What I Disliked: When Gary is a Bee amongst the hive, it wasn’t scary, it felt like an old animal documentary that is really corny and not all that interesting.

Recommendations: There’s some okay moments but the story overall I can not recommend. It is not the worst but far from the best. I’m not afraid of bees and maybe people who are would enjoy this story a more. I rated Why I’m Afraid of Bees by R. L. Stine 3 out of 5 stars.Here’s my full ranking of the 17 Goosebumps books that I have read in order to my favorite to least favorite:Stay Out of the Basement, Piano Lessons Can Be Murder, The Haunted Mask, One Day At Horrorland, Night of the Living Dummy, Welcome to Camp Nightmare, The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb, Say Cheese and Die, Let’s Get Invisible, Welcome to Dead House, The Girl who Cried Monster, The Ghost Next Door, Be Careful What You Wish For… ,Why I’m Afraid of Bees, The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, Monster Blood And You Can’t Scare Me!.

Book Review: The Minders by John Marrs

The Minders by John Marrs is a mind tripping science fiction adventure. It takes five strangers implants them with all of Britain’s secrets, they are provided with unlimited resources and must stay away from all family and friends for five years, and also their is a secret organization called the Hacking Collective that would kill for the information in their heads. The twist and turns are steady through out. The writing is not mind blowing, but clever and creative. We get the POV of all five minders, and we access get redacted notes from the top secret government meetings about the minders. This novel is very engaging and hard to put down. This is my third John Marrs book, and I’ve enjoyed every one so far. Marrs is a writer who constantly thinks out side of the box to create unique stories and worlds. The Minders is loosely connected to previous novels The One and The Passengers, with a couple plot lines form those books discussed lightly and the same villain the Hacking Collective are in each. I don’t know why the books are not called the Hacking Collective (trilogy/series). John Marrs wrote my second favorite book of last year, What Lies Between Us. Thanks to Netgalley and Berkley Publishing group for letting read the ARC of the Minders. The Minders was published last year in England, but published on February 16th 2021 as a new release in America.

The Plot: Five people have all passed a test or so they, think one guys autistic son took it, which causes problems down the line, designed to determine brain mapping and have been chosen to be minders, having a DNA chip with all of Britains secrets implanted in your brain. The minders are Flick, Charlie, Sinead, Emilia and Bruno, with each person having a reason to turn their brain into a computer and be away from family and friends for five years. One individual we don’t get a background as the program has wiped them clean. Their lives are going okay but the system starts failing for some with powerful glitches and the Hacking Collective get involved determined to steal the data.

What I Liked: The rotating POV’s of the minders is a really good way of telling the story, it was hard to remember everyone’s background at first, but it didn’t take too long. The program glitches are the real enemy of this story. I appreciated being rewarded by reading The Passengers with all the extra insight I had going into this story. The twist are good and are layered through out. I was given enough hints to figure out the main twist a little early, but the twist was layered with a lot of little stuff that I didn’t know, and it didn’t hurt my enjoyment. I liked the scene where a character almost revealed the huge top secrets that they now have access during a game of trivia. The Hacking Collective is a good bad guy that could literally be anyone, which adds to the paranoia.

What I Disliked: I had a little problem with the main plot, the minders are supposed to have the chip in for 5 years and have all the data, they make reference to it but then a new team of minders is brought in before the original group is done, I thought they needed to get the data back, so i was a little confused by that. Flick was my least favorite of the minders and she was sort of the lead in terms of reading time Sinead was my favorite, and had the most interesting background.

Recommendations: I recommend you check out The Minders by John Marrs, it is a good clever science fiction story that is totally original. The novel is very hard to put down, and a good escape. I rated The Minders by John Marrs 4 out of 5 stars. Out of the three John Marrs book that I have read this was my least favorite, which is hardly a knock, he’s one of those authors that I can always count on to be entertained. I look forward to my next John Marrs book, already.