Book Review: A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins

A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins is back! I was not a fan of Into the Water but a big fan of Girl on the Train. This is a pretty compelling mystery about broken people. Each of the characters had something horrific that makes them all capable of murder if it was the right person which makes this mystery good and hard to find out who did it. There is no big twist but a lot of little twists act as the embers to A Slow Fire Burning. I guessed wrong on who I thought the killer was, but was okay with the killer and the outcome. My favorite character was Irene who is no nonsense and the only character with morals. This is a very fast read that sucks you in with the little twists and cliffhanger chapter writing where you have to keep reading. Everyone is connected through someone in this story, at first it was dizzying trying to keep up with all the connections, and then the book slows and let’s you really get to know the character’s making them hard to forget and formed a better link to the way the character’s connected to one another.

The Plot: Daniel is murdered on a house boat. A week before his mother died of natural causes, or did she. Daniel is discovered by a nosey neighbor, with a history with the family. She see’s two women A young woman seen fleeing with an arm bleeding and another woman that could be his older lover. The body is discovered 26 hours from death making opportunity for even more suspects.

What I Liked: how fast paced this story is from the get go. I liked that it did not take me long to get hooked. I can’t stop gushing over Irene, she was my favorite, I did used to work at a retirement home and have known a couple Irene’s. I liked the little twists, it answered all the loose ends, except one, which I will talk bout in my dislike section. I like that Hawkins made fun of her writing with in this story. The finale was fun and wrapped up nicely.

What I Disliked: is that Irene makes a discovery about two characters and how they are linked, the reader has already found the secret out, but I was bummed that nothing comes of it. It is discovered one night and never mentioned the next night. The beginning will make you dizzy as you sort out all the characters and who they are related too.

Recommendations: This book is a return to form for Hawkins, after I was disappointed by Into the Water. I recommend you check out this fun little mystery/ thriller. I have read all 3 Paula Hawkins novels and A Slow Fire Burning by Paula Hawkins I rated 4 out of 5 stars. Not as good as her debut the excellent Girl on the Train but a fun mystery that will keep you guessing.