Book Review: Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Rocket Raccoon and Groot is a marvel comics graphic novel, featuring the unlikely pair from Guardians of the Galaxy. This novel features Free Comic Book Day 2014 (Rocket Raccoon) #1, Rocket Raccoon #5, Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy#1-2 and #5, and Groot #2. This collection is best when it is just Rocket Raccoon and Groot. They very cleverly use the only phrase Groot uses which of course is “I am Groot”. The art in the Groot and Rocket Raccoon comics were really great, but I was really turned off by the Guardians of the Galaxy with was was super unnecessarily too dark, It reminded me of the Game of Thrones episode that had the battle in the snow storm that you could barely make out.

The Plot: Rocket Raccoon and Groot didn’t start out as friends. Actually Rocket Raccoon thought that the phrase “I am Groot” was kind of annoying and didn’t understand what he was saying. But as they are locked up as cellmates Groot and Rocket Raccoon develop a friendship and some understanding as they defend themselves from guards and prisoners. Groot and Rocket Raccoon team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to retrieve a rare powerful crystal.

What I Liked: The humor is filled throughout this collection, the funniest moments are all around the phrase “I am Groot” There’s a great scene where alien children are around the fire asking rocket about his latest adventure, and says Groot tells it better, so we get a whole adventure where people, dates and even store front signs are all labeled “I am Groot.” Another scene where Groot is sick and tells Rocket Raccoon “I am Groot” where Rocket replies he’s not making sense. There are some great moments of humor involving art.

What I Disliked: The art work of the Guardians of the Galaxy was sooo dark, you can barely see some of the art. The Guardian of the Galaxy do a really bad job of introducing all the characters, it basically relies on you having seen the movies, which I have but there needed to be more the only one who gets an introduction was Cosmo the Russian dog that is telepathic and not introduced in the movies, (even though he does have a cameo in the Collector’s lair in the first Guardians of the Galaxy).

Recommendations: This is the scholastic version of Rocket Raccoon and Groot presented by Marvel. I was reading this for content in looking to give this book to my almost 7 year old nephew. This comic should be 6 and above for some minor prison violence. I think my nephew will love it as he is just getting into superheroes. I rated Rocket Raccoon and Groot graphic novel 3 out of 5 stars. The ultra dark Guardians of the Galaxy comics ruin what was looking like an excellent collection.

Book Review: Bone, Volume 2 The Great Cow Race

Bone, Vol. 2 The Great Cow Race by Jeff Smith adds more slap stick and more focus to the ridiculous second Graphic Novel in the Bone Series. This book is part Looney Toons meets Grimm Fairy Tales. The Story still manages to add to the lore of Bone and the mysterious dragon while the main focus is on The Great Cow Race. Every character from the first novel manages to make an appearance in someway. This novel was not as sexualized as the first one I get the Bone series for my 11 year old cousin, and the first one was close to borderline for a Scholastic Inc. published book.

Plot: Three cousins are kicked out of the town of Boneville, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone. Mainly because of Phoney Bones schemes blew up in his face. Phoney Bone is at it again as he and Smiley Bone work at a local tavern in Barrelhaven paying off a debt, they acquired in the last novel. They plan to get everyone in town to bet on a mysterious new cow, that has the best odds, while giving hundred and one odds to Gran’ma a human that has won the last two cow races. The mysterious cow is Smiley Bone in a cheap cow costume. The Rat Creatures see the Cow Race as the oppertune time to grab one of the Bones’, they still are unsure of which fulfills the prophecy and which one’s they can eat.

What I Liked: The art work is top notch, the panels really fit the dialogue boxes. There is still no inter monologue to the characters but there is the occasional heart and a broken heart. The slap stick is way funnier than in Bone, Vol. 1 Out of Boneville we know the characters so there is no set up getting in the way of the joke and it feeling forced. There’s a Sight gag on a roof that is getting repaired that had me rolling. I loved that the opossums babies and the cricket were back in this book, those parts were my favorite from the first volume.

What I Disliked: The lore and the mystery about the prophecy is interesting, and I wanted to see more, the filler even tho some parts were funny it needed to move along. This series reminds me of Dragonball Z and all the filler that blocks and holds up that epic story. I wanted to see more of the Rat Creatures.

Recommendations: I liked this one a lot more then the first volume of the Bone Series, If you like Looney Toons then you will like Bone, I can totally see Daffy Duck substituted for Phoney Bone and his Cow Race scheme. Though the book does have the same bad habit that Looney Toons did as well where the characters smoke a cigar from time to time. I rated Bone Volume 2 The Great Cow Race 4 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: Batman: The Widening Gyre by Kevin Smith and Walter Flanagan

Batman: The Widening Gyre by Kevin Smith and art by Walter Flanagan Is the sequel to Batman: Cacophony, which I really enjoyed and rated 5 stars Batman: Cacophony review This story asks the question of what does it take for Batman to trust in both love and in partnership. In this graphic novel both relationships will be tested. This book features Batman, Nightwing, Robin (Tim Drake), Superman, Aquaman Catwoman, Joker, Poison Ivy, The Demon, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face and a plethora of D list villains from the history of Batman’s Rouges. Baron Blitzkrieg anyone? though he is one over the cooler ones for the new era. This book does have Kevin Smith patented humor which is not all dick and fart jokes, this one is a little bit more mature than Cacophony and thankfully no rape jokes. There’s a lot of great moments Catwoman’s reaction to aging and getting called a cougar. Robin’s callback joke to being a man. Batman not trusting when a person or situation is too perfect, Alfred finding out about Bruce Wayne’s sex life and Aquaman rushing to the surface because dolphins reported a woman screaming in the ocean, which was a result of sex.

The Plot: Bruce Wayne meets a woman from his past that seems to perfect, but in his world as Batman too perfect leads to bad, can he let his guard down to find something real. As Batman he meets a new vigilante calling himself Baphomet that helps him time and again, but can he trust this new vigilante, or not. We go through Batman’s troubled past with trust issues and when he finally started trusting Robin and his trust issues with Superman. This comic will end in one of the most shocking twist I have ever read in a Batman comic.

What I Liked: The humor and observation that only Kevin Smith could bring to the world of Batman. The brutality and carnage of these villains, especially Mr. Freeze, we see people frozen but also death by shards of ice. Bruce Wayne happy and letting his guard down for a second. The personal tour of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude on a date. Baphomet and his secret origin. The hilarious Batman and Aquaman scene. The theme of trust throughout. The Demon as a villain is terrifying and I liked that he brought him from him Green Arrow run. When on the tour of the Fortress of Solitude there’s a Dinosaur, and batman has a line about he had one before they were cool to have at your hide out. It is double the size of Batman Cacophony.

What I Disliked: Every female character is sex crazed. There’s too many religious minded crimes, it’s Batman and I want to escape reality. The romance moves too fas, in regards to feelings. The story arc takes too long too develop. The Book ends at a cliffhanger and says to be continued except so far Kevin Smith has not continued it’s been 9 years!

Recommendations: I will recommend Batman fans check this comic out for the questions and conversations that are asked and answered. If you’re a fan of Batman: Cacophony then you have to check the sequel! I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars, while I liked the first one better this is a worthwhile read, and I will continue to read any works Kevin Smith.

Book Review: Batman: Cacophony By Kevin Smith and Walter Flanagan

Batman: Cacophony by Kevin Smith features issues 1-3 and an alternative script for the third issue, it is a truly great comic with a lot of great conversations. Kevin smith known for writing and directing movies such as Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Red State, and Tusk, has a way with dialogue, and adds it to comics as well. I was a big fan of his Green Arrow run, where he ended up creating one of the villains Onomatopoeia which is featured in this work as well. This graphic novel is sadistic but it leads to great questions and conversations.

The Plot: The Joker is locked away in Arkham Asylum where we see someone break in determined to kill him. That man is an assassin known as Deadshot, The Joker casually ask why he’s deemed to die. The Joker finds out that one of his poisons is being changed to a party drug called “chuckles” due to the fact it makes you laugh. The Joker is livid that one of his poison’s doesn’t do what it is supposed to do kill. Deadshot is there for that matter that the parent of one the drug users wants the Joker dead for the reason his son died by result of an overdose to the drug “chuckles”. Just before Deadshot has killed Joker, he is saved by another villain Onomatopoeia, a villain that repeats the sounds heard and killed Vertigo a costumed hero that used to run with Green Arrow. Onomatopoeia has a plan that involves the Joker and taking down Batman.

What I Liked: The conversations, there’s a really great one with Jim Gordon and Batman on wether to let the Joker die or not, and another with Batman and the Joker on if the other truly wants each other to die. There’s a great moment when the Joker realizes a joke after Deadshot is taken down by a head shot, and can not contain himself. I liked Batman using some of Deadshot’s technology. Onomatopoeia as a villain is terrifying, and I loved the reveal at the end for his character. Since Kevin Smith is known for his dick and fart jokes I was not surprised by this, for the most part they landed, on exchange with the Joker seeing Batman Junk when he changed was funny especially Alfred’s comment on it.  The alternative script was cool, most graphic novels only do a panel or two it was nice seeing the entire script and where it changed in the actual published version.

What I Disliked: There’s a rape joke that kind failed, featuring the Joker and Onomatopoeia where Joker misinterprets their relationship thinking he wants to rape him which the Joker seems all to willing to comply, which seemed a bit too much.

Recommendations: I really enjoyed myself it was funny, action packed and well drawn. I really recommend this one but there is the trigger warning of extreme violence and rape discussed, that not everyone will enjoy. I rated this short graphic novel 5 out of 5 stars. I bought this one and the sequel The Widening Gyre at the same time and will read it soon since I enjoyed this one so much.

Book Review: Jessica Jones: Alias Volume 3 by Brain Michael Bendis

Jessica Jones: Alias Volume 3 collects issue 10 and 16-21 it adds an extra issue than the previous volume. This novel is more butt kicking than the previous issues Jessica fights and sometime gets her ass kicked. They made a smart move by inserting issue 10 into this one since it plays so heavily into the the 16 -21 issue mystery. I did not like it as much as the last volume, but I did like the big multi-issue mystery a lot more, but the dialogue wasn’t as sharp. The cool thing about this volume is if you’re in to the big Marvel comics events we get to see the beginnings of what will be Civil War. Where they want every costumed hero to reveal there super hero identity after Daredevil is revealed to be blind lawyer Matt Murdock. In this volume Captain America has revealed his identity, and J. Jonah Jameson has tried to recruit Jessica to find Spiderman’s secret identity. Heroes in this book, Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Jessica Drew (the first Spider-woman), Madam Web, Mattie Franklin (the third Spider-woman) and Scott Lang (Antman).

The Plot: Jessica Jones is hired my J. Jonah Jamison, the chief editor of the Daily Bugle, to have a reporter follow Jessica Jones as she investigates who the identity of Spiderman is. Jameson manages to offend Jessica several times in this meeting and pretty much takes with no intention of finding out who Spiderman really is (she’s currently a bodyguard for her lawyer Matt Murdock as he was outed as Daredevil) and takes the job just so she can mess with Jameson and take advantage of his expense report. This story causes a pretty strained relationship between Jamison and Jessica, it get even more strained when Jessica returning from a sleepover at Scott Lang’s, her kinda new boyfriend, as her apartment is broken into my a strung out Mattie Franklin, who’s in her Spider-Woman costume with her mask off, who mumbles about her being the wrong Jessica, then escapes by crashing through her apartment window. When Jessica does her research she’s shocked to find out that one of her foster parents is J. Jonah Jameson, when she contacts him he thinks she’s trying to blackmail him. So Jessica goes into this alone to find the girl. She gets some help sort of from Madam Web and Jessica Drew the First Spider-Woman. What she finds out shakes Jessica to her core and starts pushing away everybody that could help her solve the case, as she spirals but still determined to help Mattie Franklin not be a victim.

What I Liked: The multi-issue is mystery is really good probably my favorite so far out of every volume. J. Jonah Jameson is one of my favorite characters, and his dialogue is perfect, all the start a stops of his ADHD brain is perfect and the mesh with him and Jessica being two of the most stubborn character’s in the MCU . Robbie Robertson makes a cameo which I really enjoyed as Jameson keeps interrupting him. Jessica is put to task in this volume both mentally and psychically. The action is top notch and the best we’ve seen of the volumes so far. The Scott Lang and Jessica Jones relationship is interesting and pretty real about what it is like to date someone who is borderline depressed and super guarded.

What I Disliked: The artwork for issue 10 was all painting, with hardly any panels, the issue was a dialogue piece and was good but as some one who once bought issues one at a time I would have been super pissed at buying this one. I would have given this book 5 out of 5 stars but this issue kind of ruined it.

Recommendations: After reading the first two volumes of Jessica Jones: Alias I can say that story-wise this is the best, though in my last review I gushed over issue 15 in volume 2 which is still my personal favorite. There’s a couple moments they used in Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Marvel’s Defenders. Since this is the strongest mystery I would recommend this to a mystery reader thinking about getting into comics. I rated this Graphic Novel 4 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1 by Brian Michael Bendis

Jessica Jones: Alias Volume 1 collects issues 1-9, this graphic novel tells two stories the first is issues one through five which would get this novel an easy five stars, because it’s written so well, but the second story is not as good and would rate three stars. Fuck is the first word in this book and really sets you up for an adult comic, we see the infamous scene that was in the Jessica Jones tv show on Netflix where she has super hero sex with Luke Cage. There’s is comically two scenes of toilet seat crime solving, which I’m a fan of, and would probably solve most of my cases there if I was in law enforcement. Marvel hero’s in this book are Captain America Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel Carol Danvers, Daredevil Matt Murdock, and Power man Luke Cage. This novel is mature in content, it was published in 2001 and was published under MAX that an offshoot of marvel for extremes, this was Marvel’s way of competing with DC comics popular Vertigo comics.

The Plot: Jessica Jones used to be a Super hero, with a cape and everything and was called Jewel, Now she’s a seedy private eye, investigating mainly cheating spouses. This all changes when a woman who is clearly wealthy walks in and wants Jessica to find her missing sister. Jessica finds the sister and her boyfriend one late night, but she see’s something else the girls boyfriend gets a call and has to leave, but he doesn’t go out the front door, he goes to the roof and changes in to Captain America. (this is not like the movies where Captain America does not where a mask and his identity is known to the world) Jessica smells a trap, she tires to call the number given by the sister and it is disconnected, she goes to the address that was given and it’s a baby clothing store. She goes back to alleged sisters apartment and see’s that it is surrounded by cop cars, and a body on a gurney due to strangulation. After burning a lot of bridges no one will help her. She goes back to work and the police are waiting on her with cuffs saying they received an anonymous phone call speaking of Jessica’s involvement. Will she be implicated in a murder she did not commit? will any of here old superhero friends save her? Will she find the person behind it before it’s to late?

What I Liked: The dialogue is really sharp and fast, it really captures the way people talk. There’s a scene with Jessica and Captain Marvel gossiping of super hero’s sex lives that’s amazing and very catty. The detective work s really good it’s explained really well. The police interrogation scene was done really well the panels perfectly show the nervous rapid paced flow. The superheroes are used just enough, the names dropped but don’t appear are really great and you will get rewarded for knowing them, especially in the catty sex lives scene. There’s really good twist in story lines. The art work keeping the noir shadowy feel works incredibly well setting up the seedy atmosphere.

What I Disliked: The second story about finding a semi famous sidekick that might be related to Jessica. There’s a really good twist involving a psychologist that I really loved and did not see coming, but that was all I loved in this tale. I did not like how Steve Rogers was drawn, everyone else was fine but it was just bad and Captain America deserves better than that.

Recommendations: If you like Marvel’s Jessica Jones Tv show then you’ll love this and see where they got the ideas for this and that scene, since there is three of Marvel’s Defenders in this volume. If you want to read about a strong female protagonist. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars and look forward to reading the 3 other volumes out.

Book Review: The Unwritten, Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity by Mike Carey and Peter Gross

Unwritten Volume 1 was a reread for me, back when I was buying comics and Graphic Novels, and this one did not appeal enough to me to continue but now that my library has the whole series and friends have recommended it I decide to give it another try. It has been 8 years since I read it, and I’ve grown a lot as a reader and a reviewer, so my initial star review has changed from 2 stars to 3 stars out of five. The premise is still really interesting, and I’m curious for now to se where it goes but pacing is this books problem.

The Plot: Tom Taylor father has written a Harry Potter like successful series of novels expanded over 13 books, the hero is named after his son Tommy Taylor. Before Tom’s dad could complete the next chapter he vanished when Tom was a teenager. The father and son relationship was not a happy one but he did give Tom an encyclopedia of knowledge about real locations that were used in famous literary works across the globe. Tom now makes a living going to conventions as the inspiration for the Tommy Taylor books and has sort of became the brand ambassador. The book gets interesting as a women comes to a convention and has all this evidence that his life is a lie, and maybe he was kidnapped but some believe that he is the real Tommy Taylor form the books. One crazed fan believes he’s the villain in the story and his duty to kill Tommy Taylor. Tom starts finding all these clues about his dad’s disappearance and making him believe that his dad and other writers could make there stories come to life.

What I Liked: The plot and subplot is amazing, it is such a good intriguing story. I liked the use of websites and web messages, for telling us how the world is taking in these events that are happening. The scenes that take place in the fictional Tommy Taylor Book series are done really well in terms of font and artwork that is different from the rest of the book. I like the history of novelist and there works that were used in the the story, that’s what really makes me want to keep reading this series. The villain of book is unhinged and it’s fun to watch and read.

What I Disliked: The execution of this series just grinds to a halt. the last issue in this 5 issue graphic novel is all about the past to be specific Rudyard Kipling’s , and it should not have been a whole issue, it could have easily been condensed or at least stretched out over multiple issues. it’s actually interesting but it kills the flow of the book.

Recommendations: This series has such potential, I hope it lives up to it right now I’m hesitant to recommend it, I would not recommend buying this book, but browse it in your bookstore see if it catches you interest after the first issue, and if you’re like be check it out from the library. I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars I’m going to read the next volume, hopefully I’m blown away. Happy reading!

Book Review: Black Hammer, Vol. 1: Secret Origins by Jeff Lemire

Black Hammer by Dark Horse Comics is a throw back to pulp in style and characters, but it takes these characters into the modern world through ideas and feelings. I read this because I saw the second volume of Black Hammer get nominated for Goodreads best of 2018 in the Graphic Novel and Comics section. I enjoyed this first novel a lot of off the surface references that will surely add up to tension.

The Plot: Five maybe six heroes are stuck in a small town, after a hellacious battle to save Spiral city. The heroes don’t know why they are placed out in a rural town and spend most of there days on the farm, the ones who can be seen act like a family to not have suspicion arise. When we meet the heroes they have been trapped for 10 years. Abraham Slam is the leader and a hero of the bygone era He is over fifty and still strong as an ox he is the father figure, Golden Gail has the power of regeneration and flight, the purgatory of the town has stopped her regeneration, leaving her a fifty year old trapped in the body of a 12 year old, Colonel Weird comes straight from pulp as he is a former astronaut stuck between two vortexes, leaving his body and mind like a ghost not familiar with dates or time since they are relative to him. Madam Dragonfly is a witch that took a bad deal to save her daughter, and watches over a mysterious cabin, that was also transported to the town. Barbalien is a shapeshifting alien from Mars who is accompanied my his robot that looks very pulp, they work to send probes to try to find some way out of this hell. Black Hammer the name that the series is named for is not really explained, the hammer is seen in the rural town but no mention of him currently existing, there’s a lot of underneath tension and questions of what happened to Black Hammer?

What I liked: The art is great, I will say I did not like the way faces are drawn but it fits with the era the artist was going for. Madam Dragonfly’s background story is really great and heartbreaking, her character is mysterious and I can’t wait to learn more. The romance between Abraham Slam and the waitress seems really real and well done. The Gail and Barbalien love tension was done well. Colonel Weird’s background and how he see’s the world was really interesting, and I can’t wait to see more.

What I disliked: too many thing were teased not enough was concrete, with get glimpse of the epic battle that lead them to the town but it was too fast. We get no flashbacks to the first days in the town and how they even know they’re trapped. I hope the next volume answers these questions and more.

Recommendation: To people who enjoy comics of today and appreciate the pulp comics that got us here. This is a throwback to those characters, but this comic attempts to give them the three dimensions that they always needed, and for the most part it succeeds. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars, I think it was a great debut and now that the introductions are out of the way looking forward to the second volume.

Book Review: Scooby Apocalypse Volume 3 by Keith Giffen

The Third Volume of Scooby Apocalypse is better than the second it has Scrappy his gang of former smart dogs meet up with the Scooby gang. The story is a little more focused than the last. We get to meet a newly revamped character out of the Hanna Barbara Universe, I was a little bit lost at first, then my brain kicked and remembered the character of Secret Squirrel. It was the addition that nobody was asking for and I didn’t like it until I remembered it was a revamped character.

A refresh of the new retcon Scooby Gang. Scooby is the first smart dog, a secret government project to make dogs smarter, Scooby Doo is seen as a failure because of his speech impediment, Shaggy is his doggie handler, who breaks the rules by sneaking Scooby out for snacks. Velma runs the smart dog laboratory, but is also in charge of a secret laboratory that may have lead to the apocalypse starting. Daphne was a once investigative journalist for the Washington Post, now she has her own mystery show on, of all places the Knitting Channel. Fred is her camera man and producer of show who is in love with Daphne and follows her like a dog. Scrappy Doo is the elite smart dog, his technology is advanced unlike Scooby’s he leads a group of former smart dogs, whose technology is slowly turning them back into normal dogs. Scrappy fearful of his smart technology breaking down tracks Velma through her glasses. His Gang of dogs run rampage as they search for food anywhere they can find it, human or other. Scrappy hates Scooby for his weakness and flaws, and would’ve killed him if Shaggy would not have stopped him. Scrappy got an upgrade that has him muscular and able to walk upright.

The Plot: Last time the Scooby Gang found on of Velma’s brothers that lives in a Trump like tower, and the character is basically a harsh characterization of him. Velma goes searching for answers about who started it and how to fix it, her brother doesn’t know how it happened but is determined to still use the original concept to now control the monsters. His plans are changed when his wife who he has been drugging for loyalty helps save the gang if they take her with them. They escape as Velma watch her brother get sacrificed in the shrine the monsters were building for him. The gang runs into a horde of monsters that follow a signal that Scooby can also hear, but little do they know Scrappy Doo can hear it as well. The trail leads to the monsters trying to form together to build a super monster, before the gang can stop this they have to deal with scrappy and his team of former dogs who are determined to kill anyone but Velma.

What I liked: Scrappy Doo is really the savior of this comic book series, he becomes an excellent anti-hero when he saves the stray human Cliffy, who scrappy treats like his pet dog. Scrappy’s relationship with Cliffy, Scooby and Shaggy are all really interesting and have some layers to them. The focus of this one was way better than the last one and was driving Velma to look for a cure. Adding the Velma’s sister to the gang has been interesting, and revealed more about the Scooby gang through their conversations.

What I Disliked: Secret Squirrel, because he came out of nowhere, his story an the gangs do not link up, because his story is in the past for now. What I didn’t like is they don’t say anything about smart technology, so all he is, is a squirrel that wears a mini trench coat and talks. I wanted to see more of Scrappy’s battle with Scooby.

Recommendations: I was on the fence about reading this one because the last one was not as good and the story lost focus. Since I grabbed all three graphic novels I read this one faster than I would have, but I was pleasantly surprised where the story went with this one. I recommend this to fans of the Hanna Barbara Universe, if you ever wanted to see Secret Squirrel retconned? then you will be very happy with this. Fans of graphic novels will enjoy what is done with the characters and the art. I recommend this series to fans of the Scooby Gang that want more adult stories. I rated this 4 out of 5 stars. When the next Volume comes out I will definitely check it out!

Ratings for the series: Volume 1 – 4 stars, Volume 2 -3 stars, and the third volume 4 stars

Book Review: Bone, Volume 1: Out from Boneville By Jeff Smith

Bone Volume one, Out From Boneville by Jeff Smith feels like a long set up to something cool, but it stumbles a little bit to get going. The jokes made me chuckle, especially the possum joke about them being good at playing dead and scaring them to death is playing. I thought the drawing and humor was a mash up Looney Toons meets Ren and Stimpy.

The plot: is three cousins are kicked out of Boneville, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone. and are in a desert like landscape and lost. The brother’s become separated, we follow Fone Bone as he tries to find them. He meets a lot of creatures and humans along the way, some friends and some foes.

Things that I Liked: The drawing of the Rat Creatures is really good, the colors used for darkness are spectacular. The jokes when they land are good. There’s only dialogue bubble no thought bubbles I found this refreshing. There’s a lot of sexual jokes that are clever and will go over most young readers heads.

Things that I Did Not Like: There’s an awful lot of filler, some is okay but there’s a lot that takes away from the story. The story looks like it’s going somewhere at the end of this book. Out of the Bones’s I only liked Fone Bone didn’t care for the other two characters.

I would recommend this to people clamoring for classic comedic comics, anytime you see a character smoking a fat stogie I think of Looney Toons or Dumbo. The art and coloring is really good! I read this to see if it was appropriate to give to my 11 year old cousin, and it seems appropriate.  I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars.