Book Review: Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind

Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind is a fantasy that goes from juvenile light fantasy to brutal high fantasy full of sex and torture. Wizard’s First Rule is book one in the 15 book Sword of Truth series. The first 200 pages are the corner stone of fantasy mediocrity, A hero orphaned finds out he is really the savior all along, he meets the woman of his dreams that’s the key to the danger and his prophecy. The old healer in the village is really a powerful wizard that has been watching over him. The first 200 read like a Star Wars plot set in a fantasy world. Thank goodness this book is over 800 pages because those pages are original and go in directions I couldn’t have predicted, and I couldn’t put it down. This was a reread for me, and I enjoyed this better the second time, the book is a great escape, this book is dialogue heavy, but the dialogue is very well thought out and 80 percent very interesting. The initial plot is weak but Goodkind does great world building and creating lore expanding upon it, this is the first book in a long series, and there’s a lot left to explore. The book ends not in a true cliffhanger but one that makes the reader draw to conclusions that this isn’t the end only the beginning and makes the reader want to read more. This was a reread for me and I have to say I enjoyed it better the second time, my rating still stand at 4 stars, but I appreciated the writing a lot more.

The Plot: Richard Cypher is a wood guide that that has recently lost his father to a brutal murder with no suspects. His father and him had a code where one would leave an item in a jar my the door, the item is a rare vine that should not grow in his land. Richard is on a mission to find the vine and it takes him on the outskirts of the boundary of Westland. While investigating he finds a beautiful woman, Kahlan being chased by four big men. Richard knowing the trails can get to the woman first. He gets to the woman first and ends up defending her and defeating the men. they become fast friends as the woman in mystified by Richard and the way he treats her, it is revealed she is from the other side of the boundary, the Midlands, the boundary is protected by miles of border wall of the underworld, and not used to the kindness from men. Richard takes her to an old healer/ cloud reader friend, Zedd. Quickly Richard finds out that his old friend is not what he seems but a powerful wizard, one of the last of his kind. Kahlan is very important to the cause and Richard is special and anointed the Seeker of Truth, which comes with a powerful weapon the Sword of Truth that is a powerful magical item that focuses emotion into the blade. Richard finds out the true nature of the world that there is a Threat in Darken Rahl that involves tearing down the boundaries and ruling the world. It is up to Kahlan, Zedd and Richard to stop him.

What I Liked: World building and lore, there’s so much too explore in this world. Rachel’s story line, if I told you the best part about this novel was a little orphan girl escaping a princess and carrying a special gift, my eyes misted as the doll Sara stopped talking. Adie’s characterization was really good and really was a turning point for me really liking this novel. Darken Rahl was a good unconventional villain, his manipulation is top notch, you understand why some loved him and other hate him. I liked that the Wizard’s First Rule, is that people are stupid. The dialogue is good and really well thought out, they have some good conversations about fate and right and wrong. The Richard and Kahlan love story is sappy, but the character’s are great that you root for them and don’t mind spending time with them. Zedd is my favorite a thin wizard that can always eat, is slightly horny, and is a truly great wizard. Zedd’s character has to say a lot of exposition but Goodkind makes the dialogue fun and insightful. The Mord Sith is one of the most terrifying villains that really set this book apart. The character is basically a mistress of S and M thrown into the fantasy story with magic and it works really well and makes a truly unique character.

What I Disliked: The love story is at times extremely annoying and sappy. The torture scenes went on far too long, should have been broken up by other scenes, the scenes are written really well but I needed a break when reading. The first 200 pages that take so long to set up the initial plot.  When writing fantasy you’re going to blend over to Lord of the Rings By J. R. Tolkien but the character of Samuel was to obvious of a Golem character, that is took me out of his scenes and was happy he was just in the book for a little while.

Recommendations: I understand why this novel is so divided in the reviews, the first 200 are interesting but it takes a while to get to the overall plot, I don’t know if I would’ve continued if not for the catching a couple episodes of The Legend of the Seeker and being intrigued upon my first reading. I promise it gets better, because I recommend it to my readers to check it out if you want a long epic fantasy. After reading and being disappointed by Goodkind’s The Nest which I rated two stars I was ready for disappointment but was surprised how much I got into the Wizard’s First Rule. I rated Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind 4 out of 5 stars I will read the next novel in the series pretty soon.

Book Review: A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness is book that cast a spell on your knowledge of witches and vampires. This book is one of the All Souls trilogy, it is one of the best books of introducing vampires and witches and their additions to world history and sciences. The book is really well researched on the history and plausibly inserts the creatures into time. This book reminded me of some of my favorite parts of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles and The Mayfair Witches, the history and the romance. It creates and explains it’s own rules for each creature, mocking their Hollywood interpretations. Diane the main character is a strong witch that does need any saving my vampire or witch. I like that this book is quest for the holy grail tale reversed, instead of finding out about human life they want a book that explains the creation of vampires, witches, and daemons (not a typo, it is a creature at uses influence to madding effect, the super smart, that could go crazy at any moment) and also how to destroy them. The novel pays out like a chess match making continuous moves and sacrifices along the way. A Discovery of Witches is a show on AMC that is currently in it’s second season starring Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer.

The Plot: Diana Bishop is a professor at Oxford and also a witch. She knows what she is but very reluctant to use any of her powers only for trivial stuff, like not finding her glasses. She knows of Vampires and Daemons can feel their presence. Diana while doing research on alchemy stumbles across a book she needs in the Oxford library. the book is old with a seal preventing it from being opened, she need this book and it reluctantly opens, and Diana can feel a spell being lifted. She does research with it a notices the pages when in light reveal hidden text, she would love to explore this more but her need is done, she shuts the book and the seal reforms making the magic reactivate, and returns it. What she didn’t know is that no one has seen that book in hundreds of years and the book holds secrets of life and death to witches, vampires and daemons. When the magic was released others felt it’s power. Matthew an over 1,000 year old vampire wants the book and starts following Diana and protecting her from others who want the book. The book draws an ancient order that will stop at nothing for the secrets of the book.

What I Liked: The history in this book is so good I felt very real and plausible. The lore changes to Vampires and Witches were really thought full and explained where the movies and book borrowed from. The haunted witch house were my favorite scenes with the grandma witch in ghost form criticizing her ancestor’s choices. The family dynamic of vampires, this is the first book that I have read where the maker is referred to as mother and father while the new vampire is referred to as son of daughter. The aspect of the book and the secrets it holds was really intriguing and held my interest. I enjoyed that Diana’s character was so head strong and wasn’t a damsel in distress. I really liked the bad guys and only wished I could have spent more time with them in this book. I really enjoyed the side characters of Marcus, Miriam, and Hamish. The love aspect took be quite a while to be fully on board but when more was reveled in terms of fate I enjoyed it more and it became less forced. The mystery surrounding the death of Diana’s parents and what they did to protect her. The lead in to the next book is really intriguing, it seems like all the things that I liked in this book will expanded. The magic was really good I especially liked the witchwater scene and witchfire usage.

What I Disliked: All the conversations about wine, too much! There’s people out to kill us, let’s take a while and talk of this Bordeaux. The pacing to me was sometime frustrating, there’s a book that can hold the secret to everything we know of witches, vampires, and daemons, and it takes 200 pages to try to summon the book again, while we had ten wine conversations. What I failed to see was all the information on history was pulling the book in a different direction, which I enjoyed where the book ended up but would have enjoyed a faster pace pulling me there.

Recommendations: If you want a smart new take on the vampire genre, then A Discovery of Witches is the book. If you’re a history buff, you’ll geek out after Matthew is inserted Forest Gump-like into literature, history, and science as well as witches and daemons influences as well. This book captures the imagine because it it so well thought out in terms of history. If you’re a wine connoisseur then you will find all the wine conversation way more fascinating than I did. I rate this book 4out of 5 stars. My girlfriend has read all the books says that I will like the 2nd book a lot better, so I look forward to it and the history.

Book Review: Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

Black Leopard and Red Wolf by Marlon James is an African fantasy novel, that explores a lot in it’s text like the topics of homosexuality, skin colorization, hegemony, disabled, incest, and feminism. Marlon James won the prestigious Man Booker Prize Award for his last novel A Brief History of Seven Killings, and this book is heavy on the metaphors and has gems of great dialogue through out. This novel took me two weeks because of the words used and the way that it is told. The story and fantasy elements are really strong. I loved the story for this book so much. The way it is written especially at first is very hard to get into I felt the same way when I tried reading William Faulkner’s Sound and Fury where you have to piece the story from the metaphor. It took be too about page 100 until I was comfortable to read without going back and rereading. I see this book being one read and discussed in college. I usually save trigger warnings for the end but this does have strong uses that could turn readers off so I will mention them here: graphic sex scenes, graphic language, graphic Violence, rape, incest, and sex with animals ( a couple character’s are shape shifters). This is my second African fantasy novel, my first being Children of Blood and Bone by Toni Adeyemi, which was very different but both were steeped in culture you can feel.

The Plot: e meet the tracker when he is a man imprisoned and telling stories of his past. His first story is how he went to the land of the dead and brought back a king that would rather be dead than married to the queen, and an enemy he brings back still haunts him to this day. The story then goes to when he was a child and finds out about his past and becomes the Tracker. He was always able to find things by sense of smell, and he find out he can see things towns a way. The first place his nose leads him to is his birth place, where he finds about all kinds of legend and meet Leopard a shapeshifter that can change form leopard to man. He protects children that were born deformed called mingi, with a witch Sangoma. The village is raided for fear of plaque and a dry season the witch place a protection on him that and steal weapon will not pierce his skin. The children for the most part survive, and the Tracker and Leopard become their protectors and eventually find them a home. Another tale that takes up most the book is years later where the Tracker is really known for finding people and children is tasked in a fellowship to find a boy. There’s a huge mystery about who this boy is he’s supposed to protect, this fellowship is not like the Fellowship of the ring these are mercenaries that some have a horrible past the tracker wants to kill one member and might not wait until he finds the boy to do it. Leopard is also apart of it but their trust is broken by something. The Tracker will have to find his own demons to find the boy.

What I Liked: The overall story has so many twist, turns, and betrayals. I have read my share of fantasy novels and the story is one of the better ones, you think you can predict where it’s going but you can not. the last 100 pages changes everything. The story arc of Tracker is interesting at the end of the novel he gets some redemption but character went into place I didn’t always like. Sadogo is my favorite character, a gentle half giant now, but once a brutal killer that sometimes still comes out, such a sad backstory, but a great character. The action is written really well. The settings are vidid and show all the different shade of Africa.

What I Disliked: The story was a little long, occasionally it would retell the story adding little extra in it’s retelling, that happened at least five times. I wanted better descriptions of characters, some James did a really good job but others I just couldn’t visualize. The finger in the butt joke was to frequent. I would have been ok with half the sex, I think it was really important when Tracker was finding himself when he was young, but after that I didn’t need all the graphic details.

Recommendations: I know people that will hate this the sex and swearing will turn them off, but the story really is good so if you can get past all the trigger warnings which are again: graphic sex scenes, graphic violence, graphic language, rape, incest, and sex with animals ( a couple character’s are shape shifters) then the book is really well told. This book is very LGTBQ friendly with its characters. I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars. This book is mark as book one of the Dark Star Trilogy I will read the second one for story alone, I might have to block out a time when I can easily consume it.

Book Review: Alice by Christina Henry

Alice By Christina Henry is a brutally harsh grownup retelling of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland) and Through the Looking Glass. The novel does create it’s own twisted story with a lot of references and clever nods to characters from the wonderland world. I would say this novel is like Gregory Maguire’s Wicked, in how it tells a more adult version of a classic children’s literature meets Lev Grossman’s The Magicians series, with it’s use of magic, sex, and violence. The character’s in this book from the Wonderland books are Alice, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, The Jabberwocky, The Walrus, The Carpenter, The Door Mouse, The Caterpillar, and The Cheshire Cat (some of the names and features are changed). I usually do trigger warnings for the recommendation section instead of my first thought but this novel is so in your face, massive trigger warning for rape and violence. I’ve read some graphic stuff but this was intense for me.

The Plot: Alice is in a mental institution, she was found with blood covering her body and talking about a cross between a man and a white rabbit that she followed. She’s locked in a padded cell all alone. She hears a voice that she thinks is in her head, but it calls her a “nit” a word she would not use, and the voice tells he to find the mouse hole. She looks in at her cell mate next door Hatcher, and man known for going mad and killing several with a hatchet. Hatcher and Alice start to make a connection, Hatcher lifts her sprits my talking about what they’re going to do when they get out, even if Alice never believes they’re going to get out. Hatcher has starts to scare Alice with his talks of the Jabberwocky that he can feel is in the basement of institution. Alice has a horrible dream of fire all around her and wakes up to that in her cell. Hatcher saves her as he burst in to her cell and make a break for it. They escape but so does the Jabberwocky. The rest of the place burns down with Alice and Hatcher the only people that know a monster is lose on the streets. The streets themselves aren’t safe as women are the biggest commodity, and gangs rule the streets The Carpenter and The Walrus are constantly at war for new territory, Cheshire has his piece in the center and The Rabbit and the Caterpillar own the rest. Hatcher and Alice find out there is a weapon that can stop the Jabberwocky but don’t know which member has it. Hatcher’s grandmother says that Cheshire owes her for a service a long time ago he might have it. The bodies have already started to mount up only Alice and Hatcher can stop the Jabberwocky.

What I Liked: The cleverness of the naming and connecting the original works to this new Alice. I liked the mystery of the magic and how it worked. I loved the flashbacks for both Alice and Hatcher. I loved the backstory for the Walrus and his connection to Hatcher. Cheshire I like the new developments and update of his character, he probably stays the closest the original books but still new and fresh. I like the way the cakes and the potions were still used for big and small. There’s a couple of good story twist in there that I did not see coming.

What I Disliked: The ending felt super rushed, I liked some of the development in character and plot but the climax that the book had been leading to was over in less than 7 pages. I did not like that the story was sometimes so stilted, it was the same structure sort of the original where you get introduced to a character that never comes back and only has impact on that one scene. I’m forgiving it because it was tat way in the original works but it could have been better.

Recommendations: This one is a hard one I loved a lot of things that Christina Henry did with the characters, but the overall story could’ve been better. I will recommend this one if you love retellings of classics. Please remember the trigger warning of rape and extreme violence for this book, if you’re sensitive in any way to these subjects then stay far away from this book. I rated this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. I really hope that the story telling is better in some of the other retelling books because I felt the character study was so good and I loved the fresh new look at some of the characters. I will definitely check out another Christina Henry book for characters alone. Lost Boy, The Mermaid, and the Girl in Red all sound so interesting.

Book Haul – Birthday Edition

Hey all you readers out there, this is my first Book Haul Post, I love book hauls and do them quite often, so expect book hauls in future post.  I just had a birthday on April 28th and here are some of the cool new books I got.  Also I just received an ARC of Lock Every Door By Riley Sager which wrote my top book of 2018 The Last Time I Lied, so that ARC is like a birthday present to me.

The Words of Radiance By Brandon Sanderson – Sanderson is on of my favorite science fiction writers, I think he’s always doing something interesting and adds a lot to the genre.  This is the second Novel in his Stormlight Archive series.  I loved The Way of Kings and rated it five stars, this novel is a behemoth and is over 1000 pages, I’ll try to time it when I have a lot of time.

Sour Candy by Kealan Patrick Burke – This is one that I kept seeing on a lot of horror blogs that I follow about a father and son relationship, only problem is the kid is not his son, they only met a couple of days ago.  I have heard it is super creepy and wanted to check it out.  it’s a independent book and the library did not carry it.

Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero – This novel sounds like it is a cross between Stephen King’s IT and Scooby gang.  Cantero writes humor and a unique vision into his writing, Earlier this year I read his This Bodies Not Big Enough for Both of Us which through the wise cracking detective genre on it’s head, having two twin’s trapped in the same body one’s the detective and the other is the “wise cracker”.

Fellside, The Girl with All the Gifts, and The Boy on the Bridge, all by M. R. Carey – is all of his novel work, I was a big fan of his comic book work on Unwritten, Lucifer, and the X-Men.  Enough friends have said I will love it for me not to indulge.  I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and he gives an endorsement on the cover.  The girl with All the Gifts and The Boy on the Bridge are both from the same universe.

The Troop by Nick Cutter – This novel is supposed to be half Lord of the Flies and half Zombie Apocalypse. I tried to get an ARC when I was still a newbie blogger and could not get one.  Stephen King, “calls it old school horror at it’s best.

Book Review: The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan

“I’m a poet, not a historian. Everything I tell you is true, considered metaphorically.” – Rob

This is a book that I had to read with the endorsement of George R. R. Martin “it’s like a cross between Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones.” which just screams epic but this book is sadly not. There’s little to know World building, the battles and the war is confusing, there’s so many names and nicknames it makes you dizzy, with few memorable characters, and the dinosaur’s are just not used well. Not too say this book is God awful there’s some nice twist, there’s five main character’s and I liked almost all of them. This is a book thats heartbreaking because I wanted to love it so much. This book starts off with a battle that we do not know the reason behind it, who’s good, who’s bad, a hundred names and about two dozen places, I had to read scenes twice to understand what was going on, after this the book does get better and less confusing but it never recovers from those first 50 pages.

Plot: Karyl is a Dinosaur Lord who came fro humble beginnings he lucked you and found a meat eating dinosaur that mistook him for it’s mother. He rides it in battle to challenge an emperor who has elected a family member to a seat of power than someone from the province he’s from that recently died, this starts an all out war. Karyl is defeated by a trap from Rob who cares for dinosaur but has a huge wager on the battle that he now fears Karyl can win. Rob lets the enemy now of the trap beforehand and they kill Karyl but the fates and the Fae’s have other plans for him and resurrect him. He lives life as a vagabond until Rob finds him. Rob’s not really good or bad just goes where the money is and right now someone is paying Rob to find Karyl. They want him to lead an army of people who are mostly pacifist but they’re the greatest threat to the emperor who they oppose. Can Karyl work with the man who betrayed him? The emperor has a daughter Melodia who rejects her father’s ideals about ruling through fear and war. She wants to marry her cousin and the head of the military Jaume, a good man but someone who follows orders unquestionably, he’s also bisexual, and slept with his second in command until his death. Then there’s Duke Falk a former enemy making amends or plotting Jaume doesn’t trust him and beats him when he challenges him for head of the military , he also has eyes for Melodia.

What I Liked: There’s some really nice twist that I didn’t see coming, Karyl’s back story is really interesting and compelling, I really wish that it was the opening of the book, because we learn it mid way through. I liked Rob as a character and his interesting code, he has the best dialogue out of any character. Melodia as a character I really liked she starts off as really elitist but certain events humble her a you see how venerable she is, this character I didn’t really like until the half way mark. The execution by dinosaur was really cool and interesting, I wanted to see more scenes like this. LGTBQ character’s I say this but I wanted a lot more out of this. There’s a small amount of Spanish, much without translation, but it was fun using my two years of Spanish in college to decode the sayings, it wasn’t vital information most of the time it was insults.  The cover art is great and really made me pick up the book.

What I Disliked: The beginning was so freaking confusing, way more confusing than you want your opening 50 pages, it does make sense later but it takes a while. There’s so many names and nicknames and the dinosaurs have different names as well as nicknames and weapons have names it was just a lot with not enough time spent. I think it’s something I have not appreciated how a good fantasy can come at you with all these names and make sense my favorite is Brandon Sanderson and I guess I need to appreciate him more. There’s is very little mention of how Paradise was created it makes mention of a time before with the real names of dinosaurs in a book, but nothing about how it was started. The war was really hard to follow with who all is involved and where the all the parties were at.

Recommendation: This is a book that I can not recommend, there are way better fantasies out there to occupy your time with. If your gonna to read it, Trigger Warnings: Rape, and violence to children. I do own the other two books in the trilogy and based on reviews I’ve read they get better, I’m stubborn and will read them eventually, after reading this one I’m in no rush. I sadly rate this book 2 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: Vengeful (Villains #2) by V.E. Schwab

Vengeful continues the dark story of the Victor Vale and Eli Evers feud. This story was pretty epic I did not like it as much as the first one, but it is still pretty amazing story, and captured the tone of the first novel while adding new characters you will loath and love, and keeping the theme of revenge.

The plot: After the events of Vicious, Victor is back but soon he realizes he is not whole. He keeps dying then reviving himself. He wants this fixed and hopes some other EO can eventually fix him, He starts tracking them down and kills them when they can’t help to not lead them away from the new organization who is tracking down EO’s. Little does Vale know that Eli is helping them track this EO down while in his prison cell in an agreement that they will not experiment on him anymore. Eli doesn’t know Victor survived there last battle but clues start pointing to his old foe, which he keeps secret from Stell, who started the organization after the events of Vicious which track EO’s and imprison them and perform studies. A new EO Marcella who can erode anything, craves power, and quickly starts taking over the city. Stell makes a deal with Marcella that he won’t go after her if she can lead him to the EO killing healers. Sydney is against the killing but agrees she has found out that Mitch has killed her sister and doesn’t know what to do with the information. Sydney has met a new EO that can shapeshift named June and not told Victor or Mitch about it, it’s unaware if June’s intensions are genuine or if she has a plan involving Sydney.

What I liked: The dark tone is set early. The characters we love or loathe are all added upon and grow. The structure is the same as Vicious where it jumps around in time but leads up to an event. This one adds characters to the same structure but it manages to still make sense and not confuse the reader like Paula Hawkins’ Into the Water did as the follow up to The Girl on the Train. The conclusion was really epic and wrapped up a lot of individual story lines. This novel gets pretty gory and described so well. The ending was complete with room for expansion.

What I disliked: I think a little too much time was spent on Marcella and not on other characters especially Victor, at the end of the novel I couldn’t figure out what he even wanted to live for, it seems like death would’ve been more preferable.

Recommendations: If you’re a fan of the first book you must continue this epic story. A fan of the superhero genre and what this book adds to it. This is a good step up novel from Young Adult to Standard Fiction. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars, it was almost a five for me.

Book Reveiw: Myth Conceptions by Robert Lynn Asprin

I reread this, from about a twenty plus year span. I really enjoyed it having just read the the first in the series two months ago. This novel shows a lot of maturity in Skeeve with one year passing. The last book I put how ADD the dialogue was, but this one doesn’t not rely on character continuously interrupting each other. This novel keeps a slightly slower pace but still moves faster than most novels, an easy book to read in a day.  A special thank you to the wordpress audience and followers, you really liked my last review of  Another Fine Myth the first book in the Myth Adventures Series, and I was encouraged to read this sooner.

The Plot: Skeeve gets an invitation to be a court magician. Only he doesn’t know it is an invitation for an audition. He’s continuously told what an easy and job and a well paid one at that. Skeeve magical ability is lighting a candle, transforming the appearance of a person or object to others, and he’s just started levitation.  Sheeve who is hiding the identity of Aahz, a demon, as an old man, his dragon as a horse and his own appearance to look older and have a beard, simply removes them conning the King, thinking that Skeeve is a powerful wizard. When he earns the position he is then told that he is to fight an army, by himself and that is was cost effective to hire a great magician than a whole army. The army he fights is huge and he has to figure out how he, his demon, and his dragon can defeat an army of thousands. He has has a little help from an old friend or two that were in the last book, and two new friends. Odds do not look good.

What I liked: The humor, the jokes and the misquotes still are on point, this novel they don’t over use the perfert jokes like the last novel did. I do like that there are some call backs to the first novel but you don’t have to have read the first to get the joke. The audition con is done so well and the King’s and crowd’s reaction to Aahz’s demon reveal is hilarious.  The character’s are memorable and all have their own voice.

What I didn’t like: the ending of the war, what’s done is foreshadowed, but I would’ve liked an explanation on what really happened, and we get a couple of words with no explanation.

I would recommend this for anyone that wants a fun light hearted novel filled with humor. Though this book is a sequel you do not have to read the first book, to know what’s going on, there are character rewards and nods to Another Fine Myth, the first book in the myth adventures series.  I gave this a 4 out of 5 stars, and will continue reading the series.

Book Review: Another Fine Myth by Robert Lynn Asprin

This novel is really fun and juvenile, It’s sort of Rick and Morty if Rick was a demon magician and Morty was his apprentice. The comedy is done in the style of Discworld and Christopher Moore novels.

The Plot: Skeeve is a magician’s apprentice to Garkin. Skeeve can only magic he can do is levitate a feather and his keys, as well as make a candle burn. Garkin wants to show real power by summoning a demon from another dimension, he summons Aahz, a demon, while Garkin summons the demon an assassin shoots him and he’s in no place to send the demon back.. The Demon is also a magician but before Garkin sent for him, he pulled a prank on the Demon taking all his magical powers away, so he has to teach Skeeve magic. They team up an go after the man who hired the assignation, Isstvan. Along the way they con people for weapons, dragons, and magical items, and get conned themselves as they meet dangerous people on their quest.

What I liked: It is a super fast read, the main character’s are quirky but well written, all the call back jokes are great, Aahz is referred as a pervert where it’s pervect. There are many others. How Skeeve gets the dragon, because he fed him something and the dragon literally eats the shirt off his back.

What I didn’t like: when Skeeve interrupts for questions its fine but when there’s a scene with five people and random people are interrupting, it’s slows it down too much. The ending could have been more epic, it’s not built up properly.

I would recommend this book to people who want a quick easy read. a little about this book when I was 15 my stepmom got me Myth Conceptions (the 2nd book in the series) which was one of the first or second books that I had actually read all the way through at the time, at the time I didn’t know that was the second book in the series. I always wanted to read the series and relive a little bit of childhood which I did.  The series is loosely thrown together and order is not all that important. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive, #1) by Brandon Sanderson

Wow is this book EPIC!! And it is only book one of a purposed 10 book series. The paperback version that I read is 1253 pages, I read some long books before but this could be the biggest. The story is big, is as the world. This book had one of the coolest beginning action scenes I have ever read, it reminded me of the antigravity fight in the movie Inception mixed with the Matrix. The soul cutting swords the shardblades are awesome. The world building is great as it slowly starts to expand, by the end of the book you feel as if you’ve just read a fraction. The magic is like nothing I’ve read, A violent storm sweeps the land every couple of weeks and infuse jewels, the currency is based on the magic potential, also the jewels once infused can be a light source. The history and philosophy in this book are very compelling. The ending promises a lot and lets you look at some events differently. I loved this very long book, and gave it a rare 5 out of 5 stars.

The Plot (Non spoiler): The Novel begins with a murder of a king Gavilar. His murderer is a conflicted assassin that stops to write the kings last words, about a book of honor called the Way of Kings. After the Kings death his Kingdom is torn apart into 12 sections they have a common enemy in the Parshendi, but the battlefield is filled with creatures who possess a heart of emerald. the value of the heart leads to mistrust and clouded judgement. These four character’s are the books main focus. I love the book tag for the main characters: One of them may redeem us. One of them will destroy us.

Dalinar the king’s brother has dedicated the last six years to living by codes and honor of the Way of Kings. He was once the most brutal warrior has spent most of his days babysitting the king’s son, and new king Elhokar. Dalinar has recently started having visions of the past every time a storm hits. He’s a strong leader but who values honor above all things and is far to trusting of others. The visions are making him think he is going mad, and other’s are starting to chip away at his legacy. His son Adolin, is the top duelist, and wants to fight war, and spends most of his time defending his father’s honor, but he’s starting to lose faith in his father and the codes.

Kaladin is the books main focus. We at first see him as a young man leading his army into war though a new recruits eyes, then we cut to a year later and he is marked a slave and heading in a caravan waiting to get sold. He is followed by a wind spren named Syl ( which is kind of a sprit, there’s pain spren, water spren, death spren, fire spren and all kinds) . Sprens are not suposed to be able to speak but something is making her have a voice and a personality, only Kaladin can see here but she can be seen by other’s if she wants. He is sold as a bridge man to the crew of bridge four. His job is to be the first into battle running carrying a wooden bridge to set up so the army can cross the Plateau into battle against the Parshendi. Bridge four is known as the bridge of death, where on a good day only half the bridge crew dies, and if you are injured you’re to be left on the battlefield. Kaladin has a knack for staying alive and is promoted to bridge leader vowing to change the ways and save as many as he can. Kaladin has flashbacks to when he was a surgeon’s assistant to his father and all the values and lessons he learned. The mystery of Kaladin is what lead him to be a slave and what lead him to be a soldier and not a surgeon?

Shallan is wants to be a ward to the king’s sister Jasnah, she’s a soulcaster, that uses an amulet to create spells. Shallan hides that the only reason she wants to be a ward is to steal the amulet, her father had one a made riches with it. He has passed and his amulet has stopped working and dangerous debt collectors are threatening her family. Can Shallan steal and replace the amulet without the powerful soulcaster finding out?

Szeth the Shin assassin who murdered the king is not what he seems and is controlled by anyone that holds the oathstone. Who holds his oathstone, who is to gain from this war?
This plot description only scratches the surface of what is in this book, all these characters continue to evolve to some very surprising results.

What I liked: The words under the chapters make sense at the end. It’s a pretty cool trick, I thought all the words were just of old, they are, but when you find out the context and what is happening is quite amazing. Wit is by far my favorite side character, he adds levity and comedy to the plot, I looked forward to every chapter his name appears. Gaz was my second favorite, I do hate that he kind of disappeared, I really hope he wasn’t killed off because with what happened at the end his and Kaladin’s relationship could get interesting. The action is written really well, especially the Szeth scenes and man will your mouth drop at that first action scene. The philosophy is really interesting and makes sense in the context. I was not expecting so many twist but man are they great and are explained really well and made sense in the plot. There was only one fake death instance having read a lot of fantasy sometimes you see way too much, and I like that only one was used. Kaladin’s whole story is a work of art how he gets from here to there, and his arc his so well put together.

What I disliked: I felt like the Plateaus where never explained well and I had a hard time picturing them, the books cover help but the size and scale I still have a problem picturing. The final battle did well on explaining the size and scale of the tower plateau. The horrible drawing of final battle on the plateaus confused me further I did like that it was assigned to a character, but it didn’t help at all. The length it could have been shorter.

I would recommend this to people who like high fantasy, the story is not action packed, when there is action it is good and often bloody, but I did see some other’s complaint for lack of action in their reviews. I would definitely recommend it to friends. I really liked this novel it held my interest, there’s was only a few times when I had to push myself, it was more the length than it being boring. I will say it might be a little time until I read the next two books because of the length.  I give this book a solid 5 out of 5 stars. I have read the Mistborn trilogy and I will say, that I barely liked Mistborn: Final Empire more than this.  But those who know me know that book as one of my absolute favorites.