Movie Review: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Directed By Kevin Smith

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Directed by Kevin Smith – The movie was everything I hoped it could be as a fan of Kevin Smith and his View Askew Universe. I also saw this movie as part of a Road show stop in Chattanooga, Tennessee where Kevin Smith and Jayson Mewes introduced the film and did a 45 minute Q and A after the film. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is like his Avengers: Endgame marvel movie, where he wraps up films and storylines that he started 25 years ago. Chasing Amy was my favorite movie and it gives us closure after 22 to the story of Holden and Alyssa. It’s something I didn’t know I needed until I saw the scene with Ben Affleck and Joey Lauren Adams. This movie has jokes on jokes, it reverses some of the scenes from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth make fun of themselves in hilarious Cameos. Kevin Smith plays dual roles as a version of Kevin Smith the director persona, and as Silent Bob. I saw the film as part of the road show some scenes couldn’t be heard over the laughter of the audience. I would recommend it if you were a fan. The jokes are full of puns and movie references like cultish hits like Don’t tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and How High, as well as references to Glen Gary, Glen Ross and Up in Smoke. Celebs have fun poking fun poking fun of themselves like Ben Affleck forgetting the name of his mother and winking at the camera, and Jason Lee making fun of Alvin and the Chipmunks. The movie is a good time all around and there’s plenty of references that are hit and miss, it helps if you’ve seen the movies that Jay and Silent Bob are in, but they are humorously summed up in a scene.

The Plot: Years after the world had scene the last Bluntman and Chronic movie, Hollywood has declared it is time for a reboot. The movie company has tricked Jay and Silent Bob to give their life rights away as Bluntman and Chronic alterego’s are Jay and Silent Bob, since that’s who it was based on. So Jay and Silent Bob set off once again to shut the new movie down. Along the way Jay runs into a blast from the past Justice, Jay’s ex, also lovingly known as Boo Boo Kitty f#ck. Justice reveals Jay has a daughter, and it just so happens she wants to make it to the Bluntman and Chronic movie as well, for other reasons.

What I Liked: The jokes and references, I’m a huge movie geek and there’s jokes, upon jokes about cult classic, to comic book movies, courtroom TV dramas, and plenty jokes about Jay and Silent Bob’s own films. There’s plenty of weed references layer through out. This movie has so much self depreciating humor and most of it leveled at Kevin Smith the director himself. Jayson Mewes can handle the juvenile comedy but he has some moments of drama that for the most part he pulls off. The movie doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and constantly winking at the audience.  Tommy Chong’s steals the scene, it reminded me of every time he was on that 70’s show and nailed it, he is so hard not too watch. The Chasing Amy scene was beautiful, Kevin Smith has said the scene came at the last minute, but man was it needed and executed to perfection.

What I Disliked: No Mark Hamill Disney told him he could not do it so he was greatly missed as Cock Knocker the villain. The Climax is a big mess that makes no sense and a character turn from out of nowhere.   The beginning takes a little second to get into it, it’s extremely cartoony, but soon begins to balance out.

Recommendations: if you’ve seen all the other Jay and Silent Bob movies, then this one is can’t miss. It you’re a casual fan I think you’ll enjoy. If you’re a fan of movies there so many references the one mentioned in this review are just scratching the surface. This movie delivers on the laughs in a big way I was crying a couple times out of laughter. I saw this movie as part of the road show tour, where you get a film introduction where we watched all of Jay and Silent Bob’s Audible spots, then the film plays and a 45 minute Q and A where I found out the plot of Clerks 3 got personal stories of Stan Lee, Found out the Mallrats 2 is happening at Universal, and we are getting Moose Jaws a movie of a Jaws version with a moose. Kevin Smith can Jab and I found it entertain and riveting. Seeing a movie with fan of Kevin Smith that get the same references from his earlier films was really special and worth the 60 dollar tickets in my opinion. I rated the movie 4 out of 5 stars. It ranks in my top third spot according to Jay and Silent Bob movies. The magic is still there with Jay and Silent Bob

Book Review: Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer

“There’s this old joke: A man had two sons. One went out to sea, and the other became vice president. Neither were heard from again.”

Hope Never Dies was a very subtle humored book, there’s not big laughs but here’s a lot of little ones. This book expands upon the relationship of Biden and Obama. Hope Rides Again was a Giveaway from Quirk Books through Goodreads in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Obama is kind of the cooler older brother that Biden wishes he could be. this book does make you imagine if Biden really does miss hanging with Obama and if it is mutual. This book does use facts about both men and expanded them. There’s political talk but it is like the humor subtle, there’s little talk of the Trump presidency, a couple of political jabs about healthcare, and talk about Biden and Obama not doing enough about the opioid crisis.

The Plot: An Amtrak conductor was found dead by an apparent suicide on the train tracks, he was found with uncut heroin and a map with former Vice President Joe Biden’s address circled on it. The police tip off the Secret Service, and Joe is pulled into a wooded area while on on a jog and brought to Obama who tells Joe about the case and what the man had on him. Joe knows the man and was his former conductor on the Amtrak he would take from Delaware to the Senate. Joe had once called the man a friend had not seen him for some time, and does not believe he was a junkie or would commit suicide. Joe decides he must make things right, Obama worried can’t let him do it alone, so he and the Secret Service agent Steve follow Biden. They meet a femme fatale, a Biker Gang, an old almost retired cop, the conductor’s wife and daughter and a hungry young detective looking at her advancement, all lead to the conclusion of the Biden and Obama mystery.

What I Liked: We stay in the POV of Joe Biden and even in his dreams. Obama was used really well, we don’t get him all the time, but just enough. The scene where Obama explains global warming to the teenage counter girl and wont go away until she gets it. The lame uses of disguises that don’t fool anyone. The Joe Biden descriptions are a treasure, his awe shucks, way of describing thing would continuously make me chuckle. I learned a lot of facts about Biden.

What I Disliked: The mystery was overall not that strong, and was a little let down. I want to see more of the Jill and Joe Biden relationship, it was really interesting. I did want a really big laugh but it never came.

Recommendations: People that liked the team of Obama and Biden and don’t mind them being made fun of definitely Biden more than Obama. I you like mysteries. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man’s Fundamentals for Delicious Living by Nick Offerman

I liked this book, it is often inspirational, and enlightening. But in saying that I wanted more about the role of Ron Swanson which is mentioned through out but really only spends one chapter of him getting the role on Parks and Recreation , and doesn’t really talk any on set antics about the role, all he praise the cast. His musings are an interesting perspective, some are funny, some are prophetic and some are a rehash of ideas already discussed. I did enjoy the chapter about how he and his future wife Megan Mullally met during a play where she was already famous from Will and Grace, and the courtship there after. His proposal story is the highlight of this book, it is hilarious how he kept losing the rings but most were props from the Will and Grace set. I also learned a lot about the man, and what his values in life are, a lot of carpentry and wood working.  I also did not know he did so many plays, and is actually a more theatrically trained actor than one of film and TV.   I learned that he was a working struggling actor right up until he married Megan and got a role on Parks and Rec. He was cast in the ER live episode that premiered at the start of the fourth season mainly because of his play acting. 

I would ask the question that is not discussed if he wanted kids. probably not, but it is never discussed. I really just wanted more Ron Swanson stories and how Duke Silver came about, although I know he does play the saxophone in real life.

I would recommend this for theatre actors trying to make it into the film actor, and just the stories of a struggling working character actor. But if you’re a Ron Swanson fan and only reading it for that then you want to skip to the second last chapter of this 377 page book.  I enjoyed but I wanted a lot more I rate this book 3.2 out of 5 stars.