Book Review: Scarecrow (Shane Schofield, #3) by Matthew Reilly

This book will but hair on your chest, it is so action packed. It’s a popcorn book. The action is at times fairly ridiculous, but always fun, it has three action scenes that last for twenty to thirty pages that are incredible, and so vivid. The beginning is okay, it jumps into the action very fast, and has very few minutes of slowing down, I really enjoyed the middle which finally got into the plot, and the end was very satisfying. This book is the type of Action adventure book similar to Clive Cusslar and Tom Clancy. This is the third book in the Shane Schofield books.

The Plot: The character of Mother continues to not disappoint. Their are fifteen targets on a list that have a price of 19 million dollars on their head, that have to me dead in the next eight hours, Shane Schofield is on the list. The targets are spread all over the world, some are terrorist, some are Mossad, MI6, and US marines. This draws the attention of international bounty hunters trying to claim members of the list.

What I liked: The bounty hunters are pretty cool, especially the Black Night. I like the Bounty hunter code that they live by. The car chase action scene is amazing, and it’s written in a way that you can keep up with the action. There’s two action scenes that don’t involve the main character that are amazing which is hard to pull off and did it really well. The overall plot is pretty good and made sense. The good guys actually get hurt.

What I disliked: The dialogue is pretty cliche could have been written by a teenager playing with army men, good thing there not that much. Too many fake out deaths, though when one main character dies I was waiting for a fake out. The first two action scenes don’t have any context and connection to them the novel finally gets there, but you don’t see care you have to be told they care.

I will recommend this one but only to those who have read the the first two books Ice Station and Area 7 which are slightly slower paced and are more plot heavy at the beginning. Like I put in my dislikes I had to remember the connections that the characters had, for new readers I can see you questioning why do you care about these characters. If you’re looking for a fun action shoot up no holds bar action then this series is for you. I swear this guy should just write action scenes for movies because that is what he excels at. I give this 3.5 stars out of five.

Book Review: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a classic that everyone should read, the story is so ingrained in pop culture that everyone kind of knows the story. This is what I knew before I read it : There was a treasure, Injun Joe murder and grave robbing, Huck Finn and adventures, the love interest of Becky Thatcher, and conning kids to whitewash the fence. That’s all in there but upon actually reading it I discovered a lot more. Like the Becky Thatcher and Tom Sawyer relationship is a rocky one with a lot of starts and stops, the tick scene is all about the civil war, What happened to Injun Joe in the cave.

It’s hard to believe the book was written over 150 years ago.

The pranks are still great, The whitewashing of the fence is a classic, I for got about the playing dead prank and the dead rat and cat on a string.  Tom Sawyer would have been a welcomed cast member to MTV’s Jackass.

I was inspired to read this one because it on PBS’s Great American Novel, and I never have read it.

Is this novel perfect? No, there’s actually a whole chapter I would have thrown out, Chapter 21 I’m talking to you, it’s not bad just serves no story purpose. This novel did remind me of being a kid, with a head full of imagination. I think the book works for children and adults, but the themes are different. I think it tells kids to take risk and seize the day, it tells adults to get back to the days where you were honest with yourself.

I would recommend everyone too read this book it is wonderful and fun, full of themes that are even better when you analyze the text. I give this book a 4.7 out five stars.