Keep It In The Family by John Marrs is a dark and deadly thriller. This book made me shake as with disgust as the reader enters the head of a child killer. There’s a lot of trigger warnings all involving children, they are, child endangerment, child torture, and child death. I have read 5 John Marrs books and this is by far the darkest it is closest to his book What Lies Between Us, and it reminded me of a couple of films Seven and Prisoners . This book is full of twists some that will make your head spin. I was able to figure out the big twist even though Marrs tries to throw a red herring in I did not bite. I still enjoyed this book even though I figured out the big twist, there was lots of little ones that added to the big one that I enjoyed and didn’t see coming. After reading 5 of his books I could be getting used to how John Marrs writes, so I don’t think everyone will be able to find out the big twist. We get five character perspectives four members of the family and one unknown perspective, which works really well and amps up the being watched by a killer factor. This book is paced really well and leaves some cliffhangers on the end of chapters that you have to read further. I mentioned the film Seven and it has one of those what’s in the box moments but with a twist. Marrs really goes there on some scenes and gives in to darkness. I got this book sent to me from Amazon Publishing UK, Thomas & Mercer through Netgalley. I should state that I do work for Amazon and this had no baring on my review. Keep It In The Family by John Marrs is published on October 18 2022.

Plot Summary: Mia and Finn have been married for four years tired to have kids but gave up and have instead turned their time and energy into real estate buying cheap and fixing up. They have sunk all of their money into a run down Victorian home. After buying it they make it a family thing fixing it up and involve Finn’s parents. They run into a few problems Mia ends up being pregnant and they find the bodies of 7 kids in suitcases, no big thing. This draws media attention and a killer that is out to cover their tracks but Mia stumbles on to evidence that the killer could be closer than she knows part of the family.

What I Liked: This is a very entertaining thriller that is full of so many twist and turns. I liked the Title and how it works into the thriller. The writing style is so fast paced that you can not put this novel down. I liked the way that the twist were revealed and I appreciate the red herring trying to make the reader second guess their choices. I liked that despite how crazy some of the twist are Marrs backed it up making it plausible.

What I Disliked: After the big climax it took a bit too long to end it, I liked where to story went eventually but that’s the only part where the book loses it’s pace and slows down way too much. There was one moment that was so set up to go one way I think it would have benefitted the story if it went the way the audience thought it was going instead of Marrs not going that way.

Recommendation If you can handle the trigger warnings of child endangerment, child torture, child kidnapping, and child murder, and want to read a dark entertaining thriller then this is a good one. If you’re a fan of John Marrs other work then you will not be disappointed. I rated Keep It In The Family 4 out of 5 stars. Here’s the ranking of John Marrs books I’ve read from best to worst (I’ve rated them all 4-5 stars all are good and books I would recommend). 1) What Lies Between Us, 2) The One, 3) The Passengers, 4) Keep It In The Family, and 5) The Minders.

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