The Woman on the Pier by B. P. Walter is a drama pretending to be a mystery, there are some mystery elements but far more drama. My example was you wouldn’t call Hamlet a mystery we find out early how hamlet’s father dies but there is a whole lot of drama surrounding that death. The Woman on the pier is much the same way the mystery of the death is solved fairly easily, but it open repressed memories, and a lot of secrets. This is my second B. P. Walter, the publicist actually reached out to me to read this one, thank you Netgalley and Harper Collins UK, One More Chapter for the opportunity to read this book, The first book I read The Dinner Guest was a great “who done it” mystery, which The Woman on the Pier is not. The Woman on the Pier is more of a “I think you’re are responsible, but can’t punish who is so I might punish you if you did what I think you did” kind of mystery. The main character Caroline is totally unlikable, I think I rarely felt sorry for her. I have never read a mystery that involved ISIS, but can not say that now. Walter likes torturing his character’s all his characters it worked better in the Dinner Guest but not so well in this book. There’s a couple of good reveals, but there really no twist that change the narrative. There’s lots of character reveals but really lacking on character motivation. This book does have some trigger warnings : sexual abuse, rape, child abuse, and drug abuse. The Woman on the Pier was published in the US on November 11 2021.

Plot Summary: Jessica a teenager is planning on secretly meeting a boy, she makes of a train ride to somewhere else. Jessica has to play her unhappy parent against each other to go, which she does but causes a bigger rift between her parents. England is attacked and like any good parents want to reach out if their daughter is okay, but get nothing. The day goes by and they haven’t heard from Jessica. Then the police inform them that their daughter was killed in the terrorist attack. Caroline and Alec but deal with losing a daughter with out any answers, 3 months later Caroline goes through her phone and see the messages from the boy she was supposed to meet. Caroline finds out the boy Michael lives and takes it on herself to confront and maybe kill him? Will she kill a teenage boy to fulfill her grief?

What Liked: The humor, there’s a scene where Caroline briefly losing her memory and sees what she’s doing with fresh eyes and thinks she’s lost her mind which she actually has. I loved everything with the big TV. I liked the family reveal at the end which made the most sense. I liked the scene with Caroline and Michael’s family.

What I Disliked: It takes Caroline 3 months to throughly look over her daughter’s phone after she died. You find the messages between your daughter and the Michael the guy you blame for killing your daughter and only read the last part, not the beginning. You resent your husband for doing the exact thing you were doing. Not enough character motivations for how crazy this story gets. The their is big reveals involving brothers one was good and the other was so unnecessary.

Recommendation: This book was not for me and I can not recommend it. I will recommend you check out The Dinner Guest but skip The Woman on the Pier. There is no mystery angle and just too many missed variables. I will give B. P. Walter for doing something totally different than his first, but B. P. Walter is better than the writing in The Woman on the Pier. I rated the Woman on the Pier by B. P. Walter 2 out of 5 stars.

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