The Maidens by Alex Michaelides is a thriller that plays out like a greek tragedy. This is Michaelides second novel since his incredible debut novel The Silent Patient. This book takes place in the same universe as The Silent Patient and will see a character or two make a cameo and one setting is the same, it is a nice reward for readers of The Silent Patient but has nothing to do with the pot of this book. The flow of this book is good but the story is lacking. I wasn’t all that compelling the people getting murdered I really didn’t care about and it takes so long for characters that I care about to be in danger. The misdirection in this novel is in full force, but once it was known who the mastermind those other character were forgotten and never returned. The last twist was really, really good, and shocking, but I didn’t feel satisfied with the build up and the history behind the explanation.

The Plot: Edward Fosca is a murderer. Of this Mariana is certain, is the first lines of the novels. Mariana a group therapist, gets a call from her adopted daughter Zoe, about her roommate who goes missing and ends up murdered. The roommate was in a groups that was called the Maidens who have a cult like following of Edward Fosca the Greek Tragedy professor at Cambridge University. Zoe points fingers at Fosca as the police look at the kind but troubled boyfriend. Mariana plays detective as the bodies start adding up.

What I Liked: The greek tragedy elements how the stories with in the book match the plight of the characters in the story. I liked how loose connections in The Silent Patient tied into the Maidens storyline. I loved the final twist in the story. I liked the quick pace of the story. I loved the sometimes breath taking descriptions of people, places, and things,Alex Michaelides has a way with words.

What I Disliked: I found the main character annoying, and didn’t really like any side characters. There’s characters whose soul purpose is to distract the reader, once they serve their purpose they are gone. The final twist was great but the setup could have been better, after the reveal could have a more detailed explanation.

Recommendations: The Maidens is a good story overall but it could have been told a lot better. I can not recommend it. Alex Michaelides is a fantastic writer some of his descriptions floored me, and The Silent Patient showed me he can write a complex mystery with a jaw dropping twist, The twist in The Maidens is the only thing this novel had going. I rated The Maidens by Alex Michaelides 3 out of 5 stars.

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