Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man volume 8 by Stan Lee is Spiderman’s longest linked storyline up to date, involving Spiderman and a mysterious tablet (based on the Rosetta Stone). This storyline spans over 8 issues, once the power is revealed is is kind of forgotten about, but maybe you don’t want that in the world. The Lizard makes a great return, as the only way Dr. Connors can escape is turn into the Lizard. J. Jonah Jamison gets the scare of his life all at the hands of Spiderman. This issue dips into the civil rights movement which should get kudos for not ignoring it. The Kingpin returns and the artworks is a lot closer to what the character looks like today, they found away to make him chubby but still have muscle definition. We get guest spot from heroes the Human Torch and Quicksilver. The villains are Kingpin, The Lizard, Silvermane, and The Shocker. Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man volume 8 by Stan Lee collects The Amazing Spider-Man 68-77, and Marvel Super-Heroes #14.

The Plots: A rare tablet from biblical times and has never been deciphered comes to ESU to get studied. Tension on campus has reached an all time high with a building not going to low income black students. The Kingpin using the the tension and turning it into a riot so he can steal the tablet. The Kingpin steals the tablet and implicates Spiderman and the black students. Spideman retrieves the tablet only he can return it since the police think he was involved. He gives it to Captain Stacy but before he can return it The Shocker steals it. The tablet keeps changing hands until one deadly bad guy figures it out to deadly consequences.

What I Liked: Jamison finally gets what he deserves, and his reaction when Robbie Robertson writes complimentary things about Spiderman. The Kingpin is starting to look like the character we know today. The Kurt Konnors trapped but still not wanting to turn into the Lizard but warning his kidnappers. The fate of Silvermane and the tablet. The Shocker was pretty terrifying, I think of him as a second rate villain but there was some good stuff in that issue that made Spiderman work for it. I liked the heart to heart that Robbie has with his son about his place in this world. I loved the continuous storyline with the tablet. I liked that the issue dipped into the civil rights and being an activist. I like that Spiderman gets fed up with doing a good job only to be accused of being a bad guy and taking it out on Jamison.

What I Disliked: The Quicksilver issue was so weak and pointless. The added Marvel Super-Heroes #14 is pretty crazy and not in a good way, I laughed at how lame the bad guy dies and why would a super villain leave a return address, so amateur. I disliked that the tablet storyline was kind of dropped, only if it keeps going and kind of gets picked up again. Which I will let you know in the next review.

Recommendations: This volume brings the longest tail that keeps drifting from hero to villain with good story telling. The Lizard issues are the highlight of this issue and pretty great. I rated Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man volume 8 by Stan Lee 4 out of 5 stars.

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