Fight Club 2 By Chuck Palahniuk Is a very meta tale told in graphic novel form. The first book was written as a novel, but the follow up was written as a graphic novel. This follows the film Fight Club over the actual novel. I prefer the film but this novel fall in too much fan service and too meta. The original novel had a way different ending than the book, where the narrator’s bullet actually killed him, and people still call him Tyler Durdin in Heaven, the film the narrator survives as Tyler dies and watches the effects of project mayhem as bank building crash and burn and he sees Marla in a different light. Chuck Palahniuk as a character talks about how Tyler has gotten in to pop culture and there for lives, and we see that the narrator was in a coma but survives and Tyler with him. Palahniuk brings everyone back, Angel Face, Robert Paulson, and even Chloe. Each character is brought back with a surprising twist. I liked some of the ideas brought on but others fall flat. The ending is way too out there and meta it is a bit of a cop out. The art and how the story uses the visual to tell that story is one of the best but the story just was just okay. It does make me want to watch the Fight Club movie again. Fight Club 2 collects issues 1-10 of Fight Club 2 by Dark Horse Comics.

The Plot: The Narrator who now goes by Sebastian is a boring video game designer to a call of duty like game, he is married to Marla and has a son now. He takes a massive amount of pills to keep Tyler away. Marla is bored and tired and starts going to groups again, this time sickle cell anemia support group where she tells the story of how she met Sebastian and fell in love. She longs for the excitement that Tyler brought in life and in the bedroom. Marla gets a plan to replace Sebastian’s pills with sugar. She gets the one night of passion she craves but their house blows up the next day with their son inside. Marla reveals everything and needs him to remember, he goes to a shrink he’s been seeing weekly to look for answers, but the shrink is a follower of Tyler and has been hypnotizing him so Tyler can take over and lead. He got Sebastian’s son out before it blew up and is keeping it safe. Sebastian starts putting the clue together and destroy’s his face and goes to a fight club for answers. Marla uses the only thing she can her support groups and make a wish grants to help find her son. This is a wild adventure with Tyler pulling the strings.

What I Liked: Marla using the support groups and make a wish to go to all these crazy locales. I like Chloe coming back her character was the only return that I really enjoyed. The character of Marla, Sebastian, and Tyler’s were still so perfect. I liked when Sebastian was play fighting with his son he hits him in the ear, and we get the same reaction Tyler gave to the narrator. I like that fight club has grown to all various club’s I did get a kick out of Write Club the most. The art is so good I love how it nailed the closeups it made it feels very cinematic.

What I Disliked: Robert Paulson coming back, it was not necessary and was the jump the shark moment in the book for me. The book was too meta, I liked the subtle things about the film and Brad Pitt, I liked the first time when Chuck Palahniuk character was asked what happens next, but when it keeps coming back to the writer and he was involved in the entire finale it was too much and stayed over it’s welcome. I was kind of a screw you to people that have taken to the character of Tyler saying, the character is mine and mine alone.

Recommendations: This is a hard one there’s some good ideas, but the bad seem to outweigh the good I’m sad to say. The art is beautiful and will keep you entertained when the story does not. I can not recommend Fight Club 2, to the people that will read it anyway I hope you’re not disappointed like I was. I rated Fight Club 2 by Chuck Palahniuk 3 out of 5 stars.

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