Malorie by Josh Malerman is the sequel to the best selling Bird Box. Bird box is a novel at the start of a dystopian future, where mysterious creatures on earth can make a human go insane instantly when they see them. The people of the world live sheltered boarding up there house allowing no out side light in, those that do venture out do it with a blind fold wrapped around their heads. A pregnant Malorie is just trying to survive in this new world. At the end of Bird Box she finds what she believed to be sanctuary for her new family. Is it? The first “pulse pounding” chapter answers that question. The tense moments are still there from the first book putting the reader instantly on edge. For most of the book you are behind the blind folds of various characters, relying on sound. touch, smell and feel for you the reader to get a full picture. The climax has lots of rising action to get you to the climax which was a little of a let down. The characters are the same but have really matured and grown since the first book. Malorie is somehow more untrustworthy towards others tan Bird ox, which says a lot. Bird Box was an instant 5 star review for me, Malorie is a worthy sequel, that delivers on tense situations and twist, but the climax left me wanting more. There’s room for a third book so who knows, but I don’t feel Malerman is done with these characters. Bird Box was adapted into a Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock, the book is slightly different with a character that returns in this book but didn’t’t make it in Bird Box the movie. This is my fifth Josh Malerman book, and will not be my last.

The Plot: The book start right where the characters ended up and Malorie’s sanctuary. Tragedy happens and the book jumps 11 years in the future, where Maloria and her family live in the woods not trusting anybody. A stranger comes and brings news of a blind train and people being immune to the creatures gaze. Malorie finds news that shakes her and a little bit of hope that she has lost. Will Malorie risk everything for a chance of hope?

What I Liked: The tension in the book you can cut with a knife. Malorie is tension filled and I loved it. The book will make you not trust these new characters. I liked the way the audience has grown with Malorie and her two kids Tom and Olympia . The Blind train is a cool idea. I also loved Tom’s glasses idea. There’s some really good fun twist that change situations and pearl drastically. I liked the balance of dark and light and how some fit in the gray area. I liked the Malorie’s motivation is all about hope and happiness.

What I Disliked: There’s a character from the first book that I was really excited see because of what they did in the first book they cased such , but when they are revealed it feel kind of flat, with motivations not explained or nonexistent. I was bummed that the part about the birds sensing the creatures was dropped, I thought hat part was clever.

Recommendations: I enjoyed most of my time in Malorie. The was a great tense novel that will have other readers on the edge of their seat, turning pages late into the night.. I rated Malorie by Josh Malerman 4 out of 5 stars.

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