Batman: Three Jokers by Geoff Johns is a what if question? what if Batman’s most deadly foe The Joker was not one man but three? The Joker has had a couple of different origin stories, where he was A gangster before he fell in a vat, a failed comedian, and a deranged clown, and in those stories the Joker has done a lot of things to Batman and his family. The criminal Joker was said to have given the order to kill the Wayne family, the Clown Joker beat Jason Todd to the edge of death when he was Robin, and Batgirl was paralyzed by the Comedian Joker. All of the past and present come back to haunt Batman and his family. The writing was just okay I have only been familiar with Geoff Johns’ excellent Aquaman run in the new 52, which was great at first then started tanking, the premise for this comic is excellent, but in my hype and expectations were maybe a tad bit high, because i was left feeling underwhelmed. There some great moments but it could have been better. Batman: Three Jokers collects issues 1-3 of Batman: Three Jokers.

All The covers and variants

The Plot: With three origin stories out there in the DC universe which one is true? They all are there is three jokers The Comedian, the Criminal, and the Clown, and they are looking to make another one. Do they have their sights set on Jason Tood, The Red Hood, who was one a victim of Jokers crime’s, he now where a red hood and goes by the moniker of one of the Joker’s first gangs, or is someone else in mind.

What I Liked: he premise of taking these different origins and making some thing out of it was really clever I was instantly interested. The Jokers are referred to each other as the Criminal, the Comedian, and the Clown, but in trying to turn the batman family they refer to Batman as the Killer, Batgirl as the Broken , and Jason Todd as the Child. The artwork is really good I like all the throwback artistry to The Killing Joke storyline. The opening as Batman reflects on all the villains that have caused him scars, the Joker has done it three times, where every other rogue has done it once. I like how Joe Chill was involved in the story and what it meant for Batman.

What I Disliked: Batman’s reaction to the huge news that there is not one Joker but three with a meh. A member of the Bat family killer some one on purpose and Batman again is like meh what can I do, with barely any conversation on right and wrong. The story at times felt a little bit rushed and forced at times.

Recommendations: This story is a pretty weak mythos into the batman legacy, There’s one thing it adds and it’s not even about the Joker but about Joe Chill the original murderer of the Wayne family. I’m a huge fan of the Batman Joker legacy, if you’re like me, you are going to read the book anyway. This is a book for people that know the Joker origin and have read The Killing Joke and other Death in the Family storylines. If you want to read a graphic novel that nails the complex relationship of Batman and the Joker check out Batman; White Knight by Sean Gordon Murphy. I rated Batman: Three Jokers by Geoff Johns 3 out of 5 stars.

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