You Can’t Scare Me! by R.L. Stine is about pranking someone to admit their scared, only the prank accidentally involves real monsters. You Can’t Scare Me! is the 15th book in the original Goosebumps series. This story is 80% lead up to any actual monsters. This story was hard to identify with the group of scaredy cat’s are determined to make one girl scared. The girl isn’t horrible of mean, she does one thing with a bumble bee, but the rest of the time she doesn’t deserve them messing with her. The group is mad at themselves for being scared and lashes out on this girl to make them feel better. The twist is pretty tame for a goosebumps story. It did remind me of going on nature walks while I was young and probably took it as serious as Eddie, the main character, did.

The Plot: Courtney is the girl that can’t be scared. She lets snakes, and bees crawl up her arms, while Eddie and his group are scared of all those. They plan to get Courtney good, after she makes them look bad, by not being afraid, when they are. The plan involves mud monsters and scaring Courtney to death by any means necessary. Will Eddie and the group go too far to prove Courtney is scared of something; monsters.

What I Liked: The final plan, they failed at all the others then, they use the truth to get Courtney to the spot. The description of Hat’s hair, Hat is called Hat because no one has ever seen him without one, so when he is does take it off the description was hilarious. The back fire of the call and the tarantula pranks. I do like the way the scaredy cat gang sticks together.

What I Disliked: I really don’t believe Courtney deserved all the lengths, and the boys end up getting the girls in the group accidentally then end up kind of sort of blaming it on Courtney who didn’t laugh but helped the two times they were freaking out. The monster scenes were kind of weak.

Recommendation: This was one of the weakest in the Goosebump series so far. I do remember the TV episode for You can’t Scare me which was adapted heavily changing a lot and focusing on the actual monsters. I rated You Can’t Scare Me! by R. L. Stine 2 out of 5 stars. Here’s my full ranking of the 15 Goosebumps books that I have read in order to my favorite to least favorite:Stay Out of the Basement, Piano Lessons Can Be Murder, The Haunted Mask, Night of the Living Dummy, Welcome to Camp Nightmare, The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb, Say Cheese and Die, Let’s Get Invisible, Welcome to Dead House, The Girl who Cried Monster, The Ghost Next Door, Be Careful What You Wish For… , The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, Monster Blood And You Can’t Scare Me!.

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