The Krytos Trap by Michael A. Stackplole is a novel that balances three different genres, court room drama, prison escape, and medical stopping viral spread, with X-wing action as well. The Krytos Trap is the third book in the X-wing series that follows the exploits of Rogue Squadron. This novel is part of the Legends series of Star Wars novel, meaning that it is not in Star Wars Cannon with the time line that Force Awakens has created. In Legend time line this novel takes place 7 years after A New Hope. The novel starts right where the last one ended. This has been my favorite novel so far in the series, it is the book with the least X-wing action, but I was really into the political intrigue. The reviews for this one have been mixed, either people really enjoy it or they complain about lack of action, where I really did enjoy it I feel the flow could have been better, with action sparsed out through it a little better. This book has a really exciting climax that balances a lot of things the book a cleverly set up all coming to a head. This book has cameos from Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Mon Montha, and Admiral Ackbar. I’m excited that Disney has just announced the next movie to be Rogue Squadron directed by Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman), reading these novels theres a lot of stories a characters to borrow from.

The Plot: The New Republic has taken Coruscant from the imperials, but not before the imperials released the Krytos virus, a deadly virus, to most nonhumans on the planet. The virus is able to be fought off by using a great deal of Bacta, which the new republic is in short supply. The rebels must take great risk in getting more Bacta. The Rogue Squadron is down two members with Tycho Celchu on trial for treason after the imperials set him up to be a spy, and the reason Corran Horn is dead. Although Corran Horn is not dead the imperials wanted it to look like it to set up Tycho, and give them more time to reprogram Corran through torture and manipulation. While the real spy is leaking information.

What I Liked: The political intrigue was so good, and you really got to see all sides. The trial was really interesting how truly set up Tycho was. The prison escape plot was great, my favorite part of the novel. I like how the character escaped and what he learned about his self along the way. The downfall of one villain was spectacular. I liked the double crosses and the one mistaken identity kill. I think they did a good job of highlighting the species resentment in the humans not getting the virus, and being the face of the New Republic. The dialogue was the best yet, there’s a lot of speeches that deliver.

What I Disliked: The spy with in Rogue Squadron, didn’t really contribute to a lot and was not even in the book very much. Ooryl Qrygg, Corran Horn’s roommate, is my favorite character and he was in only two scenes, really missed him in this. The pacing could have been better filtering action in here and there.

Recommendations: I really enjoyed this one, if you like political intrigue in your Star Wars then this is for you. The book exchanged adventure for action like the escape from prison instead of a X-wing dog fight. This book is not the most action packed, but when there is action it is big action with lots of consequences. I rated The Krytos Trap by Michael A. Stackpole 4 out of 5 stars. I will continue this series with The Bacta War, I might read them a bit faster because of the 2021 Rogue Squadron movie.

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