Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind is an epic tale of stopping the beings from the Underworld from escaping and bring hell upon the world. This is book two in the Sword of Truth series. This book waste no time to get going, action starts on page five and goes on for a good while. The story takes places a mere two days after the last one ended, with a lot of the unresolved issues getting addressed early on. The action scenes are great and unrelenting. There is a war scene that was so smart and detailed it was easily in my top ten of battle scenes I have read, where I didn’t get lost in the action and every move made sense. The finale felt a little rushed, the rising action, of will the characters make it in time was great, but only to see the finale wrapped up in maybe 20 pages, which could be a lot of this book wasn’t 979 pages. Some of the events did remind me of the season of Supernatural where a similar plot happened, Stone of Tears was written way before Supernatural but it was interesting to see some of the same plot points in this epic fantasy that was in Supernatural. Looking at my data Wizard’s First Rule the first book in the Sword of Truth series is the review that I get the most views from search engines, so that was part of my motivation also with the sad passing of the author Terry Goodkind it was time to read this one and continue the series.

The Plot: Two days after Richard defeated Darken Rahl. A creature from the underworld has escaped and it wants to mark Richard so he can open the underworld for the Keeper. Zedd deals with these creatures first and must find Richard and seek side in closing the veil to the underworld. Richard and Kahlan are returning a boy back to the mud people when a creature from the underworld comes for them. They defeat the creature but Richard gets migraines that make it feel like his head will explode they keep getting worse and worse. He meets 3 Sisters of Light that day they can help him but they must collar him and own him to teach him to control his new magic. He refuses and the sister creates suicide right then and there, saying that was chance one you will have two more chances to get help of you do note, you will die.

What I Liked: The epic battle scenes that you knew where every character was and their motivation for the mission. The Richard relationship with Gratch a son of a former enemy that he befriends and kind of raises. I liked that Rachael was included she was the heart of the first book. She does not have a lot to do in this one but was happy to see her. The scenes of peril are what Goodkind does best at there was more than a couple times where I did not see how characters were going to get out of situations. I liked that everything Shota saw in her visions came true, but also says they could be changed as well. I loved the scene where Kahlan tried to fix the way mud people hit on women by bluntly complement women’s breast and backside. I liked the twist and turns of this story. The opening scene is so intense I loved it.

What I Disliked: The finale was so short, it felt rushed and it didn’t have to be. Zedd’s storyline was a little weak, he had a great beginning but not much else. Kahlan and Richard’s relationship was decent but went too sappy a bit too much.

Recommendation: If you like epic fantasy then this is the series for you. If you like intense brutal action packed battle scenes the Stone of Tear delivers. Trigger warning is scenes of rape, there’s a couple. I rated Stone of Tear by Terry Goodkind 4 out of 5 stars. I will read the next book in the Sword of Truth series Blood of the Gold pretty soon, it is 300 pages shorter so a little easier to work in.

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