Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Volume 3 by Brian Buccellato is the last issues of Injustice but wait there’s an Injustice 2. This volume takes us right up to when the Injustice: Gods Among Us Video game starts. Knowing that there was an Injustice 2 on the horizon, there was no way this series could end cleanly, the superman hate fest does not end with a hug and a hand shake but with a solution to even the score. This book is action packed with some of the best writing that Brian Buccellato has done thus far. He keeps exploring that Batman does not kill, even driven to the edge, he resist, and this Graphic Novel puts him there, where he considered it. The Batman and Damian dynamic explodes as Damian is all for killing, but Batman teaches him a lesson as he hold Clarks throat in his hands. The Flash and Green Lantern start casting doubts. Batman tries to expose Superman with video evidence that would turn the public and some of his teammates against him. Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five Volume 3 collects issues of Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five 13-20.

The Series Plot leading up to Year Five Volume 3: The Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois and his unborn child, when her heart stops a nuclear bomb destroys Metropolis. Superman distraught kills The Joker and declares martial law on the whole world, vowing that no one should die needlessly. Lex Luthor develops a pill that will make ordinary people super to start an army of supermen that Superman controls. Batman steals the super humans pills and gives them to every hero and a few villains to make them equal. Superman’s action have drawn attention to the Green Lantern Corps who’s power is all about will power. Martian Man hunter died as he was fighting Wonder Woman from the inside when Superman used his heat vision, and sent Wonder Woman into a coma. Sinestro is manipulates Superman telling his own story and the way the Green Lantern Corps will attack, he makes an alliance that brings Sinestro and his minions as added protection, both Hal Jordan and Superman put on the yellow rings of fear to win against the Green Lantern Corps. Batman list the help all of his friends with magical abilities in a plan to put Superman asleep forever. The plan worked but Wonder Woman’s mother makes a deal with Athena to wake Superman and Wonder Woman. The sleep was supposed to give Superman clarity but he wakes up madder than ever because of what he missed out on. Batman makes a deal with Ares as well that has the old Gods and Amazon’s joining his side. The Amazon’s are missing Wonder Woman’s mother who is taken prisoner by Hera and made to sit this fight out, as per her deal. Batman ends up tricking Wonder Woman to fight Superman to the death a a champion of the Amazon’s. Sinestro interferes when it looks like Superman could lose. Zeus Sees this as deal breaker and declares all out war on the New Gods. Superman kills Hercules in the conflict which makes Zeus angry and kills Shazam and Harley who spoke out. Superman retreats as the remaining Justice League are beat. Zeus declares himself God of the world, wanting to get rid of every other form of religion. Ares makes a deal with Superman to bring a jealous Poseidon to fight his brother Zeus. This brings Aquaman into the battle, as Poseidon wants to wipe out Wonder Woman’s home with a giant tidal wave. Batman knowing this has got out of control and he got played by a vengeful Ares, seeks a help and offers enough hints to Superman to figure out who Ares is doing his bidding for, Darkseid. Plastic Man risk all to save his son from being a prisoner of Superman, he saves his son and rescues every other rogue in the process. All the men Superman deemed bad guys are released out into the world, some vow to be good, some want to be bad, and some want revenge. Superman works on two things recapturing all of the criminals and taking down Batman. Superman has deal for a set of villains take down the Bat, and get your freedom. Superman finds out about a resistance that uses the image of the Joker to fight back. Superman sees read and uses heat vision murdering every one of them. Bane the man who has broken the Batman before, Killer Frost and Killer Croc. They know they can’t reach the bat so the grab the Cat. Catwoman is tortured to reveal where Batman is, she’s saved eventually but quits seeing no end to this fight. Lex’s Superman clone is found, but there’s something not right about him almost bizarre. Bizarro is born and the Trickster is manipulating him. Bizarro accidentally kills the Trickster in a hilarious way, Bizarro starts to remember being made in a lab by Lex and ask lex to fix his friend. Lex convinces Bizarro to gains access to the Fortress of Solitude for real answers on who he is. A Lex controlled Doomsday waits there, the plan is to have Doomsday kill Bizarro so Superman doesn’t find out he is working to stop him. Superman wants answers from the clone and shows up to the fortress of Solitude where Lex turns Doomsday and Bizarro who he controls against Superman. Batman is running out of allies and confidence he turns to his surrogate father/butler Alfred who assures him that he is on the right side of this difficult path. After Alfred gets done talking to Bruce, he turns around expecting Damian, but gets instead Victor Zsasz with a long knife in the Bat Cave saying, “the devil sent me.” Zasaz murders Alfred, Bruce gets there. He beats him to a bloody pulp but can not kill him. Damian arrives telling Batman to get out of the way so I can kill him.

The Plot of Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Volume 3 – Batman fights his son, protecting Zasaz from death. They both give everything they have got until Superman arrives. Batman says he sent him Damian that’s the true enemy. Damian his mind still on Zasaz tries to kill him once again with Batman stopping him and Superman knocking him through a wall. Batman takes the last super powered pill he has left and Superman and Batman fight. Batman gets the upper hand gets his arm around Superman’s neck, and ask Damian is this what you want, you want me to kill him or give him a chance to change. Damian tries to kill Batman to save Superman but Batman sees it coming and blocks it dropping Superman. The Flash comes and sees the damage he takes Zasaz to prison and Batman away. Superman gets angry and threatens The Flash and his disloyalty. he took Batman to grieve for Alfred and said we owed it to Alfred not to fight. The Flash’s loyalty is questioned again when Iris is threatened with death for going against the regime. The Flash kills Killer Shark in an attempt to save Iris, and she’s not happy at what he’s become. Batman and The Flash meet to discuss ending this, and using the speed force to change time. The Flash won’t do it saying we deserve this. Hawkman blames Superman for Hawkgirl betraying him and follow him, he fights Superman with a Kryptonite club that he forged he strikes Superman deep, making Superman get a Kryptonite sickness. Batman finds a recording of Superman murdering the Joker cult that he blamed on Bizarro, but the recording clearly shows Superman. Batman has to take Cyborg down to expose the world of Superman’s crimes and turn them against him. Will he succeed?

What I Liked: The Batman versus Superman fight is epic and something I truly wanted to see, it has something the series has been promising and we got it full, plus Batman had to deal with Damian trying to kill Zasaz as well. The Flash scenes were written really well, he hasn’t gotten a good storyline since Injustice Year One. The ending I was very satisfied, I did know it wouldn’t end, so saying that I think it ended with hope and a bit of chaos. They were able to do two things show how to eventually stop the Injustice League and create a new threat.

What I Disliked: much of the criminals have re-escaped storyline is pushed to the side. I was 50/50 on the Hawkman storyline, I really didn’t like how it almost came out of nowhere with not much storyline leading into it.

Recommendation: I recommend you check out this series, it has been an interesting ride seeing some characters acting out of character. This book has one heck of a Batman versus Superman fight that cannot be missed. There’s some really good character study going on. I rated Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Volume 3 by Brian Buccellato 4 out of 5 stars. The story picks back up in Injustice 2, what I’m really excited about is it is bringing the original writer of Injustice, Tom Taylor back. I will continue but take a small break from this series as well.

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