Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Volume 2 by Brain Buccellato is action packed has improved it’s writing since last volume. This is the second to last Graphic novel in the series, and it’s starting to take direction for a pretty epic Batman and Superman fight. Batman is losing his confidence as allies start dropping by not seeing an end to the fight. Batman has a morale crisis and gets advice from Alfred basically coming down to Superman kills and is always in fear where you don’t kill and embrace your fear, it’s a pretty touching moment between Bruce and his Surrogate father/butler Alfred. Damian has a real crisis where despite hating his father Bruce Wayne, deep down he wants to be him and knows it’s the harder path. This book has an amazing cliffhanger that’s going to end badly for Batman and Superman. I think since Brian Buccellato took over the quality has gone down, but it’s great to see this series, which I have stuck with for 10 volumes so far get better under him and go into the epic ending I wanted for the series. Injustice: God Among Us Year Five Volume 2 collects Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five issues 7-12.

The Series Plot leading up to Year Five Volume 2: The Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois and his unborn child, when her heart stops a nuclear bomb destroys Metropolis. Superman distraught kills The Joker and declares martial law on the whole world, vowing that no one should die needlessly. Lex Luthor develops a pill that will make ordinary people super to start an army of supermen that Superman controls. Batman steals the super humans pills and gives them to every hero and a few villains to make them equal. Superman’s action have drawn attention to the Green Lantern Corps who’s power is all about will power. Martian Man hunter died as he was fighting Wonder Woman from the inside when Superman used his heat vision, and sent Wonder Woman into a coma. Sinestro is manipulates Superman telling his own story and the way the Green Lantern Corps will attack, he makes an alliance that brings Sinestro and his minions as added protection, both Hal Jordan and Superman put on the yellow rings of fear to win against the Green Lantern Corps. Batman list the help all of his friends with magical abilities in a plan to put Superman asleep forever. The plan worked but Wonder Woman’s mother makes a deal with Athena to wake Superman and Wonder Woman. The sleep was supposed to give Superman clarity but he wakes up madder than ever because of what he missed out on. Batman makes a deal with Ares as well that has the old Gods and Amazon’s joining his side. The Amazon’s are missing Wonder Woman’s mother who is taken prisoner by Hera and made to sit this fight out, as per her deal. Batman ends up tricking Wonder Woman to fight Superman to the death a a champion of the Amazon’s. Sinestro interferes when it looks like Superman could lose. Zeus Sees this as deal breaker and declares all out war on the New Gods. Superman kills Hercules in the conflict which makes Zeus angry and kills Shazam and Harley who spoke out. Superman retreats as the remaining Justice League are beat. Zeus declares himself God of the world, wanting to get rid of every other form of religion. Ares makes a deal with Superman to bring a jealous Poseidon to fight his brother Zeus. This brings Aquaman into the battle, as Poseidon wants to wipe out Wonder Woman’s home with a giant tidal wave. Batman knowing this has got out of control and he got played by a vengeful Ares, seeks a help and offers enough hints to Superman to figure out who Ares is doing his bidding for, Darkseid. Plastic Man risk all to save his son from being a prisoner of Superman, he saves his son and rescues every other rogue in the process. All the men Superman deemed bad guys are released out into the world, some vow to be good, some want to be bad, and some want revenge. Superman works on two things recapturing all of the criminals and taking down Batman. Superman has deal for a set of villains take down the Bat, and get your freedom. Bane the man who has broken the Batman before, Killer Frost and Killer Croc. They know they can’t reach the bat so the grab the Cat. Catwoman is tortured to reveal where Batman is, she’s saved eventually but quits seeing no end to this fight. Lex’s Superman clone is found, but there’s something not right about him almost bizarre. Bizarro is born and the Trickster is manipulating him.

The Plot to Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five Volume 2: Catwoman returns to theft with her not so quiet lookout Harley Quinn. She’s interrupted by Robin/Damien, they fight and have a life lesson, Damien becomes torn with the Batman V. Superman dilemma. He’s defeated and confused and takes that anger out on Black Mask and crew. He gets beaten badly but wins with help from Dick Grayson’s sprit as Deadman, that can take over a living host for a limited time. Black Mask was suposed to me in jail as he was one of the recaptured from the prison break, that makes the Justice league throw doubt to Sinestro who is in charge of the new prison. Bizarro accidently kills the Trickster in a hilarious way, Bizarro starts to remember being made in a lab by Lex and ask lex to fix his friend. Lex convinces Bizarro to gains access to the Fortress of Solitude for real answers on who he is. A Lex controlled Doomsday waits there, the plan is to have Doomsday kill Bizarro so Superman doesn’t find out he is working to stop him. Superman wants answers from the clone and shows up where Lex turns Doomsday and Bizarro who he controls against Superman. Batman is running out of allies and confidence he turns to his surrogate father/butler Alfred who assures him that he is on the right side of this difficult path. After Alfred gets done talking to Bruce, he turns around expecting Damian, but gets instead Victor Zsasz with a long knife in the Bat Cave saying, “the devil sent me.”

What I Liked: Alfred really gets to shine he stands up to Superman telling him he is full of fear, he snaps Bruce out of his doubt, and he sets Damian straight, and calls him out on a lot of things. Superman vengeance on the joker cult was brutal. The way the Trickster dies is hilarious, and set up really well. Cyborg and Flash have deep thoughts about whether they are on the right side of things. The Doomsday, Bizarro, and Superman fight is pretty epic. The climax is great, I love where they are taking Batman and the situation he is being put in. Harley talking to a life sized cut out of herself as a therapist.

What I Disliked: The Harley and Shazam storyline, I felt like I have seen it already, since I have seen a version of that scene at least four times in Injustice’s run.

Recommendation: This is the tenth book in the Injustice: Gods Among Us series and man is this book good, it is heading into the direction I wanted it to end at when I started it. Batman and Superman are heading for one heck of a showdown, and it’s not going to end when they find out the both have mothers named Martha. There will be blood! I rated Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Volume 2 by Brain Buccellato 4 out of 5 stars

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