We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is a beautifully written Young Adult novel dealing with class struggles, growing up, the sacrifices we make to keep family together, and love. This novel was written 6 years ago I was warned it had a good twist, but was not prepared for what it was, and it makes this beautifully written novel mean so much more. The words used flow like poetry, the stories with in a story are great and act as metaphors for what is going on. This is not a book that was on my radar at all so thanks to the book blog community for the rave reviews that got me to take a chance. I was moved by the story and had some misty eyes when all was said and done. Being a male in my forties I could still relate to this story about teenagers coming together over the summer and bonding as their world was about to turn upside down. We Were Liars won the Goodreads Choice award for Young Adult Fiction in 2014.

The Plot: Cadence or Cady and her mother started spending their summers in Martha’s Vineyard Island , they always meet up with their family, Cadence’s grandparents, her two aunts and plenty of cousins. Cadence fun little trips change when she meets Gat, at age 8, an Indian boy who is the son of a guy dating one of the aunts. Gat is treated like family, but there is an underlying of class that not all the family is happy with. Cadence forms what they call the Liar’s Club with cousin Johnny, the wild one, cousin Mirren , the smart one, and Gat who lives with Johnny, who cares about all things, the family referred to them as the liars. Year 15 was the best one yet for Cadence, she could feel Gat start noticing her. Then we cut to Year 16 where she can barley get out of bed and has crippling migraines. She can’t remember anything about the summer of year 15. She finally visits but the liar’s club was warned not to say anything. What happened that summer?

What I Liked? The writing flows like poetry. I loved the fairy tales with in the story that Cadence writes to express her issues on things. I loved the twist, I was so not prepared for it. I liked the comparisons to Wuthering Heights in Gat and Cadence’s relationship. I bought into the relationship, Lockhart did a good job at showing what made Gat so attractive. I loved the character of Johnny, and how he stood up to his Grandaddy when it came to his inheritance. Cadence’s relationship with her grandad was a great one she saw him for what he was a lonely man pulling his family’s strings for the inheritance so they will stick around. The three sister’s conversation about death and who deserved what in the will was to real.

What I Disliked: at first I knew when everything was happening, but towards the end it got murky. It was hard to tell which summer was which. It lead to that good twist, but I don’t like feeling lost in story time.

Recommendations: I will recommend this great young adult novel, that is highly relatable to all ages. It captures that summer fun time from teen to adult so well. I thank this is a good book to pass on to a person that might need it, sorry for being vague, the twist should not be spoiled. I rated We Were Liars by E. Lockhart 4 out of 5 stars. I will look for more work from E. Lockhart in the future.

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