Third Time Reading Locke & Key Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill, and my rating of 5 stars still stands. This book is incredible! I’m reading the series and this book in particular because of the new Locke & Key series Starts on February 7 2020 on Netflix. Having been a fan of this book series the screen adaptation has been long process 10 years ago Fox passed on the pilot, then Universal was trying to make it into a movie trilogy, and lastly Hulu had it and passed on the pilot where it came to Netflix where it is written by Carlton Cuse of Lost and Bate’s Motel . So after that long wait I’m super excited for this series, but let me tell you about the book I love. This graphic novel combines gothic horror with suspense and added fantastical elements. The book deals with loss in a mature and profound way. The keys in this book, open more than just doors, there’s key’s that can literally open your mind, change your gender, turn you into a ghost, and let you go anywhere where the is a door. Joe Hill is an auto buy author for me, whether it is novels, short stories, or graphic novels he delivers.

The Plot: The novel starts off with two teenagers showing up at the summer home in California with bloody weapons and bodies in the bed of a truck looking for Mr. Locke and whereabouts of keys. Mr and Mrs. Locke are home, with Mrs. Locke opening the door. They have three kids Tyler the oldest, Kinsey the middle, and Bode the youngest who are all at the neighbors lake, when the hear a gun shot in the direction of the house. The book jumps around from there showing the aftermath of the shooting and what happened after at the of funeral of one member of the Locke family. The novel shifts as the family what’s left of it move to Lovecraft, Massachusetts to live in the old family mansion called Keyhouse. The house is filled with rooms and secret keys that will open up doors that only the kids can use. Bode, the youngest, figures out the house and it’s many secrets, he tells the family but they just laugh him off. He is the key to the truth the family doesn’t see and he has found either an enemy of a friend who lives trapped in the well. The novel bounces back and forth showing how the rest of the family survived the first murder as they find the new secrets that connect the house to the incidents. The family finds out the threat has only just begun, as more mysteries arise.

What I Liked: The book looks at grief and loss in a very real way, how a wrong last word can destroy you. The book looks at victimhood and how it ties to depression. Lastly it looks at alcoholism, not shying away fro the truth. I love the art, I think this book does the best I’ve seen at showing familiar traits among family members. Bode the youngest is my favorite character, he has an over active imagination, and is precocious. The funniest moment is when Bode writes a report for school using artwork revealing the truth but every finds it disturbing. The keys are a really cool, and well thought out, the ghost key is my favorite.

What I Disliked: I would have waned to know more about how the echo work exactly, I can’t remember if that ever gets explained in further books. That’s all I can think of, which is rare, I just really love this book.

Recommendations: If you love horror with a good suspenseful story with lots of secrets, then this book is for you. The opening book is so good the series as a whole I have rated 4. 5 stars, with this book being a stand out. Having read the series, I can say it it is totally worth reading the series as you learn more secrets new ones come about. I might do a follow up when I watch the series next week. Locke & Key Vol.1: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill I rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The trailer to the new Netflix series Locke and Key starting February 7th

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