Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid is amazing tour de force that put you the reader in the band, you will get the high and lows, the nitty and gritty, and sights and smells. This books is an immersive experience where you get to know the the artist inside and out. You ‘ll infer the all the songs off the Aurora album and understand the true meaning and inspiration from the words. The style is told as an interview where you get snippets of people recounting the events, some people are more forthcoming with information than others, and rumors and speculation are all apart of the story. This is my second novel I read from Taylor Jenkins Reid, my first being The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, I’m awed by her storytelling ability and the way she can draw me into her characters lives and make me care. I love when a hype book is this good the early reviews were amazing and glad that it like Evelyn Hugo has lived up to the hype. I felt the story was heavily influenced by the band Fleetwood Mac, in how they were a band before Linsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined. I can definitely see Stevie in the character of Daisy Jones.

Favorite Quote: We only look like young stars, Because you can’t see old scars. From the song Young Stars

The Plot: Daisy Jones is a girl that lives in the moment, she comes from a rich family, that sort of ignores her, but everyone else she meets seems to be captivated by her. She falls in love with the LA’s Sunset Strip during the late 60’s into the early 70’s as she flirts with drugs, musicians, and singing herself. Brothers Billy and Graham Dunne are upcoming musicians driven to rise to the top of the charts. Billy is a control freak when it comes to his music with and addictive personality. He and his brother create The Six a band with six members and “six” kind of sounds like “sex”. Daisy Jones ends up earning a record contract but is heartbroken when they only want her to record covers and songs she didn’t write. Both their first albums do well the Six do better than Daisy’s. Billy wrote a ballad for the woman he loves among no other. He knows he needs a singer for the duet and the producer of their album also produced Daisy’s and wants her on the track is it kismet or a beautiful disaster for Daisy Jones and the Six?

What I Liked: How hard hitting the drugs and addiction was used in the book to tell a story, the drugs were used to both glamorize and show the destructive nature of addiction and what it does to the body and mind. I love the real places and items that went to the nostalgia of it all that everything fit i to the time line. The character of Warren the drummer as the comic relief, his delivery and just roll with it attitude was great and refreshing. I love hated the character of Daisy Jones, I love how real she felt but some of her choices when it came to addiction. I love the way the story was told as a fictional biography of the band. The story is great and really compelling, there’s even a great twist thrown in. The songs and lyrics are well thought out and fit the overall narrative so well. I could feel the venerability of the characters like in Evelyn Hugo. She still has an LGTBG character not as prominent as Evelyn Hugo but still there and representing.

What I Disliked: The full songs are at the very end of the novel, but I would have liked them to be more ingrained in the story, I felt at least Aurora we should have seen the some in the narrative. I was bummed that the song Honeysuckle was not a song featured in it’s entirety at the end. I understand that the main focus was on the Aurora album, but it would have been nice since it was the fist song together.

Recommendations: This book is fantastic, the flow is amazing, you can read this in one day, it moves really fast. There’s strong drug use as far as content warning, but is shows both side the glamour and the addiction, I believe it show more of the horrors of drug than the fun. If you liked The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo then you will love this book. Instead of acting the main focus is music. I think I liked Evelyn Hugo just a hair better than this one but both books are in my favorites categories. I rated this book 5 out of 5 stars. That’s two five star releases in a row from Taylor Jenkins Reid for me I look forward to here next.

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