It by Stephen King is an epic horror story about adolescent fears and growing up. This novel gave me so many different emotions, sometimes fear, sometimes laughs, sometimes pure joy and a lots of nostalgia. King manages to tap in to the preteen years so well, he remembers those jokes that only you and your friends found funny, the fears both the sights and smells of the dark and unknown, and he gets the awkward first love and feelings that you’re not equipped to handle at that age. I was a little shocked that the book is 85% percent about the kids and 15% about the adults, I thought it would have been a bit more balanced. The kids side is explored really well, but with the new movie It: Chapter 2 featuring the adults, they have a lot of room to play. I have had the book it for a while now but with seeing It Chapter One and loving it so much and with It Chapter Two coming out next week on September 6th of 2019. I was also fan of the Tim Curry, mini series version from the 90’s as well. but with the new movie was compelled to read It.

The Plot: Murder is afoot in the town of Derry, Maine in present day 1985 we see the start of a serial of murders and kids gone missing, the same thing happened 27 years ago with the murder of Georgie Denbrough and then a string of murders followed. Mike Hanlon a local librarian of Derry knows the towns history and was there 27 years ago and knows who or it is responsible. Mike Calls up six of his old friends Bill Denbrough, Stanley Urich, Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh, Richie Tozier, and Eddie Kasbrak who only vaguely remember what happened 27 years ago, but soon the nightmares comeback and it has a form Pennywise the dancing murderous clown. Soon they are flooded with all those childhood fears and begin flashing back to when they first all met and challenged IT. The memories are slow to flow back but will they remember in time to stop Pennywise.

What I Liked: The scope of IT, the novel takes place in a month in the past and you feel the time pass by and the days like no other. I liked how IT is a childhood fear you can not describe. The murder of Eddie Cochran was not in any movie, but man did this murder get to me, this was the chapter that truly scared me. There was way more humor than I was expecting Richie has all the best lines, I can not freaking wait to see what Bill Hader does playing the adult version, but the book version kept me chuckling. I love the town history, King is so good about town and family history, and you feel like you’re apart of it and know everyone in Derry. Henry Bowers is the bully from hell that through me back to all the bullies I’ve had through out the years, it was easily relatable to the losers gang and their strife. The feelings you get reading this book it plays with your emotions and fears. The rising action is one of the best in a Stephen King novel it flips back and forth from the 1950’s to the 1980’s each heading to it’s lair and the trouble they face getting there, it’s over 100 pages and they move supper quick. I liked the very end of the book I think King nailed the message of the novel really well.

What I Disliked: What King did to the Character’s of Tom and Audra, I think there roles should have been expanded especially Tom, he could have been so scary and a good foil for the gang. Audra we don’t get to know enough at the end I didn’t care what happened to her character. The town history was one of my likes but I could have done with out all the detail on what it has done in the past, I understood after Mike’s dad told his story, we didn’t need the gang and the union dispute to go into the same detail. The Climax is kind of crazy and not a good crazy, we never get why It prefers the pennywise character, but we get a crazy explanation for it, It Chapter One ignored it entirely and hopefully will in the next movie, but the miniseries kept to this ending which I feel cheapens IT.

Recommendations: This is one of King’s better works, for all a round emotion. It’s epic it like sharing a kinship with people that have finished this massive story. It did take me 15 days to read so make sure you do set some time away. My favorite Stephen King novels are The Long Walk, The Talisman, Wizards and Glass and The Stand. This is maybe just below the Stand for me, where I loved the epicness of it and the ride the reader goes on but didn’t love the climax. I rated IT by Stephen King a high 4 out of 5 stars.

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