This Body’s Not Big Enough for Both of Us is really fun if you give in to the ridiculous concept of two siblings (a brother and a sister) occupying the same body, it spins the wise cracking detective genre on it’s head as the brother Adrian is the serious detective and his sister Zooey is the wise cracking one who’s the hard drinker. The novel really reminded me of a dirtier version of a Christopher Moore book. What works is this satirical novel has a pretty good mystery behind it that will keep you guessing. The Narrator plays with a lot of cliches of the genre as well as evidenced in the opening line.

“Elmore Leonard said it’s bad style to open a novel with the weather. Well, fuck him – it was a blazing red-hot August morning.”

The Plot: Adrian and Zooey Kimrean having just been arrested get lucky as a former arresting officer has now gone under cover for a Cartel needs a skilled private investigator to investigate the murder of one of the Cartel boss’s son to stop a potential gang war as the Japanese gang who the cartel were working with is having issues. Adrian and Zooey investigate and determine the Japanese are not involved, they run into problems as the youngest 11 year old daughter Ursula can tell the difference between Adrian and Zooey talking, really responds to Zooey and stows away as she meets Danny the undercover cop and Ursula finds out. Ursula is the black sheep in her family the only girl 2o years younger than her brothers, she kind of okay with her family going down but uses it at leverage to hang out with Zooey much to Adrian’s dismay who doesn’t want the distraction. Everything changes when the second brother is assassinated and Adrian can’t figure out who is killing the family but now believes all the cartel siblings are now in danger.

What I Liked: The mystery despite all the satirical nature is still really strong, and will keep you guessing. The humor and making fun of the the noir cliches, there’s a great inner monologue about how the character of Adrian hates inner monologues and how they’re just a transition device that author’s use to make there page count and get between scenes, it’s great and is purposely a page and a half rant which put a smile on my face the whole time. There’s also a flashback with in a flashback that the character get’s called out for. The killer has an amazing monologue that I really enjoyed. The arguing and fighting with it’s self scenes are only used sparingly which I thought was perfect. The two big fight scenes are really easy to picture and follow the action.

What I Disliked: This novel is very smart humored but every once in a while it dips into vulgarity for no reason at all to say something shocking, which doesn’t always work. I did have a hard time imagine exactly what Adrian and Zooey looked like, and if the voiced changed at all.

Recommendations: If you read a lot of detective especially noir, you’ll have fun as it calls out a lot of cliches of the genre in fun creative ways. If you like satire like Christopher Moore novels or Mel Brooks films then you’ll like this piece, the only thing I will warn you is that it is vulgar, and this will turn some people off. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, it was almost a 5 star book for me, I’ve been wanting to read the authors novel called Meddling Kids which I will definitely make it higher on my TBR.


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