Jessica Jones: Alias Volume 3 collects issue 10 and 16-21 it adds an extra issue than the previous volume. This novel is more butt kicking than the previous issues Jessica fights and sometime gets her ass kicked. They made a smart move by inserting issue 10 into this one since it plays so heavily into the the 16 -21 issue mystery. I did not like it as much as the last volume, but I did like the big multi-issue mystery a lot more, but the dialogue wasn’t as sharp. The cool thing about this volume is if you’re in to the big Marvel comics events we get to see the beginnings of what will be Civil War. Where they want every costumed hero to reveal there super hero identity after Daredevil is revealed to be blind lawyer Matt Murdock. In this volume Captain America has revealed his identity, and J. Jonah Jameson has tried to recruit Jessica to find Spiderman’s secret identity. Heroes in this book, Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Jessica Drew (the first Spider-woman), Madam Web, Mattie Franklin (the third Spider-woman) and Scott Lang (Antman).

The Plot: Jessica Jones is hired my J. Jonah Jamison, the chief editor of the Daily Bugle, to have a reporter follow Jessica Jones as she investigates who the identity of Spiderman is. Jameson manages to offend Jessica several times in this meeting and pretty much takes with no intention of finding out who Spiderman really is (she’s currently a bodyguard for her lawyer Matt Murdock as he was outed as Daredevil) and takes the job just so she can mess with Jameson and take advantage of his expense report. This story causes a pretty strained relationship between Jamison and Jessica, it get even more strained when Jessica returning from a sleepover at Scott Lang’s, her kinda new boyfriend, as her apartment is broken into my a strung out Mattie Franklin, who’s in her Spider-Woman costume with her mask off, who mumbles about her being the wrong Jessica, then escapes by crashing through her apartment window. When Jessica does her research she’s shocked to find out that one of her foster parents is J. Jonah Jameson, when she contacts him he thinks she’s trying to blackmail him. So Jessica goes into this alone to find the girl. She gets some help sort of from Madam Web and Jessica Drew the First Spider-Woman. What she finds out shakes Jessica to her core and starts pushing away everybody that could help her solve the case, as she spirals but still determined to help Mattie Franklin not be a victim.

What I Liked: The multi-issue is mystery is really good probably my favorite so far out of every volume. J. Jonah Jameson is one of my favorite characters, and his dialogue is perfect, all the start a stops of his ADHD brain is perfect and the mesh with him and Jessica being two of the most stubborn character’s in the MCU . Robbie Robertson makes a cameo which I really enjoyed as Jameson keeps interrupting him. Jessica is put to task in this volume both mentally and psychically. The action is top notch and the best we’ve seen of the volumes so far. The Scott Lang and Jessica Jones relationship is interesting and pretty real about what it is like to date someone who is borderline depressed and super guarded.

What I Disliked: The artwork for issue 10 was all painting, with hardly any panels, the issue was a dialogue piece and was good but as some one who once bought issues one at a time I would have been super pissed at buying this one. I would have given this book 5 out of 5 stars but this issue kind of ruined it.

Recommendations: After reading the first two volumes of Jessica Jones: Alias I can say that story-wise this is the best, though in my last review I gushed over issue 15 in volume 2 which is still my personal favorite. There’s a couple moments they used in Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Marvel’s Defenders. Since this is the strongest mystery I would recommend this to a mystery reader thinking about getting into comics. I rated this Graphic Novel 4 out of 5 stars.


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