Jessica Jones: Alias Volume 2 Come Home this version collects issues 11-15 this volume, it follows one long 4 (11-14) issue mystery and then it has issue 15 an what an amazing issue that is, it is all dialogue, it feels like a Quentin Tarantino movie where it’s just dialogue away from action about one superhero’s sex life and the other is a semi awkward first date. Comic book heroes that make a cameo, Luke Cage, Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Spiderman, Black Widow, Doc Ock, Human Torch, and Scott Lang (Antman).

The Plot: Jessica Jones heads out of New York City to a small town to investigate the disappearance of of a missing girl. Jessica is shocked that the town already knows who she is and what she looking for killing her investigation. The girls father takes the brunt of the blame since he was there alone with her and his separated wife blames him of leering at his daughter and does not trust him. She now lives with her sister who’s just as convinced the father killed her niece. Jessica meet the small town sheriff who tries to genuinely help but Jessica is not one to let anyone easily and damn sure not going to ask for help. Everything changes when it is revealed that the missing girl is a possibly a mutant. The town has a church that preaches against mutants and the town does not take kindly to mutants. After that mystery is she bodyguards with Luke Cage for Matt Murdock who has just been outed as Daredevil, Jessica and Luke talk about having sex and her coming to his apartment when he had a lady with him last time, and she confront him of being a cape chaser who likes having sex with women with super powers. Then she goes on a semi-date with Antman Scott Lang (they have had one phone conversation). The date leaves with promise that I’m sure will be explored in further issues.

What I Liked: The dialogue is amazing it’s so good, so real and uncensored. Issue 15 is everything! It is packed full of dialogue gems Luke Cage and Jessica Jones conversation is so awkward it is confrontational, flirty, and they both try to show no emotion. The mystery is intriguing and has a couple of twist. I do like that we never really find out for sure if the missing girl is a mutant. She’s gay and it can be almost be interchanged as being a mutant in her small town which I thought was really clever and on the nose, especially for early 2000’s when this was written. This volume balances humor and depression really well, much like the show Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

What I Disliked: I really wanted to see what Jessica did with the police officer when she was blackout drunk and wakes up in a jail cell, I thought that most of the mystery was really good, but the solving of it was too convenient.

Recommendations: If you like the show Marvel’s Jessica Jones you will love this Volume especially issue 15, so good. If your a casual comic reader of a marvel universe watcher there’s a lot of ester eggs and references you can pick up on. This Graphic Novel has some strong language, sexual references, and violence. I rated this 4 out of 5 stars it was very close to 5 for me. I will continue reading the the other two novels in the series. This is a link to my review for the first volume. Book Review: Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1 by Brian Michael Bendis


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