Unwritten Volume 1 was a reread for me, back when I was buying comics and Graphic Novels, and this one did not appeal enough to me to continue but now that my library has the whole series and friends have recommended it I decide to give it another try. It has been 8 years since I read it, and I’ve grown a lot as a reader and a reviewer, so my initial star review has changed from 2 stars to 3 stars out of five. The premise is still really interesting, and I’m curious for now to se where it goes but pacing is this books problem.

The Plot: Tom Taylor father has written a Harry Potter like successful series of novels expanded over 13 books, the hero is named after his son Tommy Taylor. Before Tom’s dad could complete the next chapter he vanished when Tom was a teenager. The father and son relationship was not a happy one but he did give Tom an encyclopedia of knowledge about real locations that were used in famous literary works across the globe. Tom now makes a living going to conventions as the inspiration for the Tommy Taylor books and has sort of became the brand ambassador. The book gets interesting as a women comes to a convention and has all this evidence that his life is a lie, and maybe he was kidnapped but some believe that he is the real Tommy Taylor form the books. One crazed fan believes he’s the villain in the story and his duty to kill Tommy Taylor. Tom starts finding all these clues about his dad’s disappearance and making him believe that his dad and other writers could make there stories come to life.

What I Liked: The plot and subplot is amazing, it is such a good intriguing story. I liked the use of websites and web messages, for telling us how the world is taking in these events that are happening. The scenes that take place in the fictional Tommy Taylor Book series are done really well in terms of font and artwork that is different from the rest of the book. I like the history of novelist and there works that were used in the the story, that’s what really makes me want to keep reading this series. The villain of book is unhinged and it’s fun to watch and read.

What I Disliked: The execution of this series just grinds to a halt. the last issue in this 5 issue graphic novel is all about the past to be specific Rudyard Kipling’s , and it should not have been a whole issue, it could have easily been condensed or at least stretched out over multiple issues. it’s actually interesting but it kills the flow of the book.

Recommendations: This series has such potential, I hope it lives up to it right now I’m hesitant to recommend it, I would not recommend buying this book, but browse it in your bookstore see if it catches you interest after the first issue, and if you’re like be check it out from the library. I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars I’m going to read the next volume, hopefully I’m blown away. Happy reading!

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