Elevation is a quick quirky read, not horror but definitely Science Fiction. This by any other writer would simply be a throw away story, but in King’s hands he brings life to the characters and the setting of Castle Rock. There’s a fun quick reference to IT in this story, and George Bannerman and the road he is named after as he was sadly killed by Cujo. This story is such a quick read at 146 pages, but a fun one I can see myself picking this up a couple years from now to experience it again.  This book also starts me back on my quest to review Stephen King books, I had read a King a month from June to October then stopped because of work, but now I’m back with my King of the month reviews

The Plot: Scott Carey is losing weight at an alarming rate but, there’s a catch he looks the same as he always did slightly overweight. His frame reads 275 but when he steps on the scales he weighs 230 and has steadily been dropping a pound a day. Another element that’s odd is his weight doesn’t change no matter if he holds a twenty pound weight in his hands. He confides in a retired doctor Bob Ellis to show him. Scott doesn’t know how it happened but doesn’t want his life to be studied. He sets a date on a calendar that’s some months away where his weight will be zero if it keeps progressing. Scott’s not really scared but he has more energy and his spirt has been elevated. And he wants to with his time left elevate others, he takes a special interest in his married lesbian neighbors that the town has it out for. He wants to elevate the town to a higher standard. There’s a lot more, that’s packed in this tiny story.

What I Liked: How easy it was to fall in love with the characters they are not fleshed out all but I some how drawn to them immediately . The pace in this story is amazing. The ending was pretty perfect. I like the them of Elevation in the minds, in the feeling and physically being elevated. The race is just great writing, so easy to picture, and I was constantly snickering as Scott passed the teenagers twice.

What I Disliked: It was preachy a bit one sided doesn’t directly preach down to the audience, but that was it, it’s 146 pages and I don’t think any of them were wasted or where they could be added to. I’ve read other reviews where they thought it was cliched and stereo typical, I live in the Bible belt. I’ve seen a fair share of stereotypes I thought were dated and out of touch be living a breathing but saying that I’ve seen some people that would fit in a stereotype break that standard, when I moved here from California. I feel the purpose of this novel is to elevate people to higher standards, and in this fictional world of Castle Rock he does that.

Recommendation: This is a can’t miss if you’re a Stephen King Fan, If you like feel good stories with humor, I felt like this is a Man Called Ove with Science Fiction added. I rated this story 5 out of 5 stars do your self a favor and read this short novel my one of the master story tellers of our time.

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