In the Woods has been in my TBR for so so long it was great to finally read it. This is the First in the Dublin Murder Squad Series. The story is is very engrossing and so detailed. The mysteries are pretty engaging and have deeply psychological effects on the characters. The book is kind of a downer but a very satisfying one. This book did win an Edgar Award which when you get to the ending it makes since. I was blown away in terms of writing at the interrogation scenes, there’s a lot and they are all really rifting.

The Plot: In the Year of 1984 three local kids went in the Woods of a small town in Dublin, and only one was ever seen again. The boy Adam Ryan was found viciously gripping a tree and his shoes were filled with blood and he was unable to remember a single thing. Twenty years later that boy now a man has changed his name to Rob Ryan, and became a detective for the Dublin Murder Squad. The only person who knows who he is, is his partner Cassie. They catch a case in that same small town from 20 years ago. A murder of a child in the woods, but found by the child is a piece of clothing that one of the missing kids wore the day they disappeared, can these cases be linked Can Rob hold it together, and still investigate as he starts to remember that fateful day and the days leading up to it.

What I Liked: The interrogation scenes are so fantastic, they play so heavily on psychology. I really like that we have the words spoken then we have Detective Ryan’s inner-monologue telling the reader what’s bullshit and what’s not. The mysteries are pretty compelling you really want Ryan to remember and you want the death of the little girl solved. The ending is one I will remember for a while it is depressing, but the psychology of it is so good, it’s a chess match that keeps going back and forth until it has a winner, you might not agree with who won but it was a fun ride.

What I Disliked: The book was a little hard to get into, it’s sometimes to procedural and over explained. I compare it The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where it’s good and psychological but there where be a tangent where every item in Lizbeth Sadler’s room is explained, I felt the exact same thing here, if 50 or so pages were trimmed it would be the perfect book. I haven’t read too many international novels maybe it’s a thing they do and I have to get used to it. I was a little let down by lack of solve in one of the mysteries I know there’s sequels maybe it’s explored later but as an invested reader I wanted more.

Recommendations: I you love Psychological Thrillers this is the book for you, it’s like a course in psychology. It’s a little slow but in the end really memorable scenes. If you like international Thrillers like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo then you will like this one as well. I rated it 4 out of 5 stars. I plan to continue reading her Dublin Murder Squad series, the characters are deeply flawed but written really well.


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