The Third Volume of Scooby Apocalypse is better than the second it has Scrappy his gang of former smart dogs meet up with the Scooby gang. The story is a little more focused than the last. We get to meet a newly revamped character out of the Hanna Barbara Universe, I was a little bit lost at first, then my brain kicked and remembered the character of Secret Squirrel. It was the addition that nobody was asking for and I didn’t like it until I remembered it was a revamped character.

A refresh of the new retcon Scooby Gang. Scooby is the first smart dog, a secret government project to make dogs smarter, Scooby Doo is seen as a failure because of his speech impediment, Shaggy is his doggie handler, who breaks the rules by sneaking Scooby out for snacks. Velma runs the smart dog laboratory, but is also in charge of a secret laboratory that may have lead to the apocalypse starting. Daphne was a once investigative journalist for the Washington Post, now she has her own mystery show on, of all places the Knitting Channel. Fred is her camera man and producer of show who is in love with Daphne and follows her like a dog. Scrappy Doo is the elite smart dog, his technology is advanced unlike Scooby’s he leads a group of former smart dogs, whose technology is slowly turning them back into normal dogs. Scrappy fearful of his smart technology breaking down tracks Velma through her glasses. His Gang of dogs run rampage as they search for food anywhere they can find it, human or other. Scrappy hates Scooby for his weakness and flaws, and would’ve killed him if Shaggy would not have stopped him. Scrappy got an upgrade that has him muscular and able to walk upright.

The Plot: Last time the Scooby Gang found on of Velma’s brothers that lives in a Trump like tower, and the character is basically a harsh characterization of him. Velma goes searching for answers about who started it and how to fix it, her brother doesn’t know how it happened but is determined to still use the original concept to now control the monsters. His plans are changed when his wife who he has been drugging for loyalty helps save the gang if they take her with them. They escape as Velma watch her brother get sacrificed in the shrine the monsters were building for him. The gang runs into a horde of monsters that follow a signal that Scooby can also hear, but little do they know Scrappy Doo can hear it as well. The trail leads to the monsters trying to form together to build a super monster, before the gang can stop this they have to deal with scrappy and his team of former dogs who are determined to kill anyone but Velma.

What I liked: Scrappy Doo is really the savior of this comic book series, he becomes an excellent anti-hero when he saves the stray human Cliffy, who scrappy treats like his pet dog. Scrappy’s relationship with Cliffy, Scooby and Shaggy are all really interesting and have some layers to them. The focus of this one was way better than the last one and was driving Velma to look for a cure. Adding the Velma’s sister to the gang has been interesting, and revealed more about the Scooby gang through their conversations.

What I Disliked: Secret Squirrel, because he came out of nowhere, his story an the gangs do not link up, because his story is in the past for now. What I didn’t like is they don’t say anything about smart technology, so all he is, is a squirrel that wears a mini trench coat and talks. I wanted to see more of Scrappy’s battle with Scooby.

Recommendations: I was on the fence about reading this one because the last one was not as good and the story lost focus. Since I grabbed all three graphic novels I read this one faster than I would have, but I was pleasantly surprised where the story went with this one. I recommend this to fans of the Hanna Barbara Universe, if you ever wanted to see Secret Squirrel retconned? then you will be very happy with this. Fans of graphic novels will enjoy what is done with the characters and the art. I recommend this series to fans of the Scooby Gang that want more adult stories. I rated this 4 out of 5 stars. When the next Volume comes out I will definitely check it out!

Ratings for the series: Volume 1 – 4 stars, Volume 2 -3 stars, and the third volume 4 stars


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