The Second Volume in Scooby Apocalypse is a little more wacky and a lot more gruesome. There’s a little more jokes in this one and for the most part they land and remind us of the cartoon. The story is unfortunately not as strong, the two big reveals at the end of the first volume, don’t have too much do with the plot until the end. Scrappy Doo is in two scenes and they are brilliant and written so well! I suggest you go to the bookstore and read just those scenes in this volume if you’re curious about reading this series.

A refresh of the new retcon Scooby Gang. Scooby is the first smart dog, a secret government project to make dogs smarter, Scooby Doo is seen as a failure because of his speech impediment, Shaggy is his doggie handler, who breaks the rules by sneaking Scooby out for snacks. Velma runs the smart dog laboratory, but is also in charge of a secret laboratory that may have lead to the apocalypse starting. Daphne was a once investigative journalist for the Washington Post, now she has her own mystery show on, of all places the Knitting Channel. Fred is her camera man and producer of show who is in love with Daphne and follows her like a dog. Scrappy Doo is the elite smart dog, his technology is advanced unlike Scooby’s he leads a group of former smart dogs, whose technology is slowly turning them back into normal dogs. Scrappy fearful of his smart technology breaking down tracks Velma through her glasses. His Gang of dogs run rampage as they search for food anywhere they can find it, human or other. Scrappy hates Scooby for his weakness and flaws, and would’ve killed him if Shaggy would not have stopped him.

The Plot: Last Time we saw the Scooby Gang! (said in cartoon announcer voice) They had just escaped the underground Facility in the new Mystery Machine (a full terrain vehicle that’s fully stocked with ammo) While looking for supplies in a Mallmart store, they get trapped. The escape doesn’t as planned as one of the members are severely injured, requiring them to go to a hospital for medical supplies, the gang see the the world they know turning to a nightmare as the monsters start to evolve, and the Gang learns that “the Four” the members who used Velma’s nanobite technology to create the Apocalypse are her brothers.

What I liked: Scrappy Doo is the most complex and intriguing character, I wish he were in the book more, but he has two really powerful scenes. Fred is finally fleshed out in the first volume he was really flat, he s kind of the Carl stay in the car character. Velma and Daphne are given a lot to do and are still the main character’s of the book. The novel has a great Scooby and Shaggy being scaredy cats and it is written well, and made me think of the cartoon.

What I disliked: There’s an extremely unflattering characterization of one of Velma’s brother’s who looks and talks exactly like Trump, it was to on the nose that it distracted me. A unique character would have fit the book better. This volume is really unfocused and keeps veering off track, while the first book more or less had a clear focused path. One scene felt like it was written just so the artist could draw a hot Velma in a skimpy outfit, the scene was a dream.

Recommendations: If you enjoyed the Scooby Doo: Where are You? cartoon, there’s a lot of fun little callbacks. If you loved the first volume you might be a little let down like I was, but there’s a lot of great little moments you can still enjoy. I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars and considered less. If I didn’t already get the third book from the library I might have waited a little bit more before starting the next, which I really hate to say.


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