Turtles All the Way Down is my first John Green book. This story has a lot of really good moments, but the story is kind of sold as a mystery and should’ve been sold as a solid character piece. Green’s character work is great in Aza showing how she deals with anxiety disorder while being a teenager dealing with love and loss, but the mystery is just a place holder to get two character’s together, and not really solve the mystery. It does eventually get solved, to a whimper. because it’s not really about that.

The plot is a girl Aza who’s dealing with anxiety disorder and her friend Daisy that has her own issues, find out about a missing billionaire. Aza befriended the son, Davis during camp and have since fallen out a couple of years ago. The police offer a 100,000 dollar reward because the dad is expected of insider trading. Daisy convinces to try to start up her friendship with Davis so they can find the whereabouts of the dad, to get the money, but she kind of falls for Davis.

What I liked: Those are the stronger moments and the portrayal of Aza a character with anxiety disorder, is very strong. I someone who has dealt with anxiety disorder, I do wish this character were available to me to identify with when I had it as a teenager.
Daisy and her Star Wars fan fiction of a relationship between Rey and Chewbacca is great I might reread this years later for that alone.  Davis and how he views and explains the stars. I thought the passage about turtles all the way down was interesting.

What I Disliked: the mystery is just such a let down and not really important.  To compare it would be like To Kill a Mockingbird was about the mystery of Boo Radley, That just a small part of the overall story and that is what the mystery is to this story.   I felt the mom character would’ve been an adult and not let Aza make such a big decision at the end, it works out eventually.

Recommendations: I would definitely recommend it for people dealing with anxiety disorder, to have a voice.  People who enjoy fan fiction will get a kick out of Daisy’s many stories. I would not recommend this for mystery lovers. Based on my only reading one John Green book I would recommend reading another of his more plot heavy books.  I gave this 3 out of 5 stars.


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