I reread this, from about a twenty plus year span. I really enjoyed it having just read the the first in the series two months ago. This novel shows a lot of maturity in Skeeve with one year passing. The last book I put how ADD the dialogue was, but this one doesn’t not rely on character continuously interrupting each other. This novel keeps a slightly slower pace but still moves faster than most novels, an easy book to read in a day.  A special thank you to the wordpress audience and followers, you really liked my last review of  Another Fine Myth the first book in the Myth Adventures Series, and I was encouraged to read this sooner.

The Plot: Skeeve gets an invitation to be a court magician. Only he doesn’t know it is an invitation for an audition. He’s continuously told what an easy and job and a well paid one at that. Skeeve magical ability is lighting a candle, transforming the appearance of a person or object to others, and he’s just started levitation.  Sheeve who is hiding the identity of Aahz, a demon, as an old man, his dragon as a horse and his own appearance to look older and have a beard, simply removes them conning the King, thinking that Skeeve is a powerful wizard. When he earns the position he is then told that he is to fight an army, by himself and that is was cost effective to hire a great magician than a whole army. The army he fights is huge and he has to figure out how he, his demon, and his dragon can defeat an army of thousands. He has has a little help from an old friend or two that were in the last book, and two new friends. Odds do not look good.

What I liked: The humor, the jokes and the misquotes still are on point, this novel they don’t over use the perfert jokes like the last novel did. I do like that there are some call backs to the first novel but you don’t have to have read the first to get the joke. The audition con is done so well and the King’s and crowd’s reaction to Aahz’s demon reveal is hilarious.  The character’s are memorable and all have their own voice.

What I didn’t like: the ending of the war, what’s done is foreshadowed, but I would’ve liked an explanation on what really happened, and we get a couple of words with no explanation.

I would recommend this for anyone that wants a fun light hearted novel filled with humor. Though this book is a sequel you do not have to read the first book, to know what’s going on, there are character rewards and nods to Another Fine Myth, the first book in the myth adventures series.  I gave this a 4 out of 5 stars, and will continue reading the series.


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