This is an updated retelling of The Most Dangerous Game, where that story took place in the woods this story takes place beneath the Manhattan subway tunnels. The set up to this story was really amazing, but then the novel slows down a lot. It has some burst of intrigue but not enough.  This is Horror but no supernatural elements, most of the horror comes in the mind of a psychopath, that we see into much to rare.

The Plot: The hunters are the elite, and the hunted are convicted killers. The killers are paying the homeless to be the protectors of the game. The game has always only hunted one person at a time, but now they decided to put two killers together in the game. The killers are Jagger a serial killer that mutilates bodies and Jeff a college student convicted of rape and attempted murder to a woman in the subway, there’s doubts in his case by his father and girlfriend, but the woman is sure it was him. Jeff is in a race against time to survive the psycho that’s helping him but rapidly losing his mind and the elite hunters that have their own agenda to kill Jeff whether he is guilty or not.

What I liked in this story: The character of Jagger, he’s a psycho but he was well rounded where the psychosis was explained enough, and you knew certain situations were going to cause problems. The way Jeff’s crime and how it was set up with doubt. There’s one really big twist with one character that was really well set up.

What I didn’t like: The hunt takes too long get started, we don’t ever really get to know hunters, some are due to the surprise, but the other’s it would’ve helped to get their insight. I feel like it should’ve been more enclosed. I felt with the influence they could’ve closed it off more.  Horrible cover art.

This is my third John Saul book. I have to say he writes supernatural horror better than real life horror.  I enjoyed this but I would recommend you check out Brain Child before this one if you want to read a real horror tale. John Saul’s writing always has some good surprises, and this one was no exception.  I would recommend this one to horror with a slight hesitation to check out some of John Saul’s other supernatural novels first.  I rated this book 3 out of 3 stars.


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