This is the first autobiographical sequel that I’ve ever read, it is continued from If Chins Could Kill (you do not have to read the first book, but you should). Bruce Campbell life is fascinating and he is a born storyteller. This book delves in the career of the B actor after 2001 to current day. For fans he talks a lot about Burn Notice and the Fall of Sam Axe (tv movie),acting and producing Ash vs. The Evil Dead and the remake of the Evil Dead movie, acting and direct Man with the Streaming Brain in Bulgaria, making of Jack of All Trades, making My Name is Bruce and building a backlot at his own Oregon home, Acting in the three Spiderman films, and going on a USO tour to Iraq with Jeffery Donovan.

Ash vs Evil Dead

What I liked: His whimsical stories of how to be a working actor. His stories of humor and pranks, especially the Bulgaria prank, the stories on how some of the financial parts of the business works, and his praise of other people he works with and their contributions.  The Spiderman movie cameos are really cool about how they came about, and his banter about how he is the true Spiderman foe.  The cover is him holding the  sword from the Highlander movie.  He tells an interesting story about how he is the guy that influenced Burt Reynolds to write his own autobiography.

What I didn’t like: Their wasn’t the awesome filmmaking techniques and theories, that were shared in the first book, too much time was spent on the USO tour, not enough on the new Evil Dead, and the stories were not all told chronologically. He did not talk about his excellent voice work as the Mayor in the first Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

I would recommend this book for filmmaking friends, lovers of cult and B-films, fans of the first book and fans of Campbell’s later work. After having read Nick Offerman’s Autobiography Paddle Your Own Canoe early this year I can say I like this one much better, and goes into more stories on set. Where I gave that one 3 stars out of 5, I give this 4 out of 5 stars.


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