I love Harley Quinn as a character She’s bad but she tends to love cute things.  Her Love for the sadistic Joker is her worst character flaw.  That being said, I was pretty disappointed in this book. They did some interesting stuff on finding who Harley Quinn is which reminded me of the looney toons cartoon where Daffy Duck has a third wall conversation with the artists and they mess with him, it’s the same idea here.  A lot of guest artist draw her in many different likenesses , but the real question the artist and the writer’s are asking is who is Harley Quinn???

What I liked: Every scene with Harley and Pamala Ivy there interaction was the most fun. I think I laughed out loud once when DC heavily mocks themselves and the new 52 by literally flinging poop on their New York office. There’s sexual joke that will go over a lot of teens heads that were okay, a lot of Beaver Joke because Harley Quinn’s best friend is a stuffed Beaver that talks back to her.  Her apartment is over a Museum of murder, and  a Burlesque show, that’s just perfect for Harley.

What I disliked: The artists and writers don’t ever really answer the question of Who Harley Quinn is? Which is the biggest reason I didn’t like this book.  The stories have no reel stakes, and little development or even attempts at development. They take her out of Gotham and put her in New York, and barely do anything with the location. Little Tony is a stupid character. There’s no Joker, If they would have rocked this book and set up Harley’s own identify without the Joker then this would have been in the like column, but they did not.   The comic just needs some stakes and it doesn’t have any.

I would recommend Harley fans to skip this book, you’re not missing anything at all by skipping it. I have read a couple of stories from the next book and it is good.  The husband and wife writing team of Conner and Palmiotti have been around for a while and do much better than this. I give this a very disheartening 2 stars out of 5.

Image from DC Comics


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