A lot of my fellow reviewer were blown away with this one, I didn’t feel that strongly, but I did enjoy it. I wasn’t prepared for how intense this novel got at times. I did feel like on of the character’s was going to say the famous A team line, “I love it when a plan comes together.” I like what it does for the genre of heist novels, with a little dash of romance and a dash of revenge. There is a lot of twist some more clever than others the final twist is a great one, where you feel that the hands been dealt but there was still another trick up their sleeve.
The Plot: They’re are people with mutant-like abilities called Grisha, These people are already a threat, a scientist ends up making a drug that can enhance these abilities to ten times the level. The scientist is working on this can be a key to unstoppable army of Grisha soldiers. A group of six rogues are hired to kidnap the scientist and the formula, so that the scientist won’t be a threat to any one. the rogues don’t get along, in fact, two members desperately want to kill one another. And the mission requires insanity to pull it off, with a few destined not to make it.

What I liked: The relationship and character’s backstory are really strong in this story.  Two really strong written female characters.  Revenge storyline is really strong.  Some of the twist are really clever and had me guessing. I liked that they’re not good guys just not as bad as the true villains.  The powers are pretty cool, I liked Nina’s the best.

What I didn’t like: This novel took about a hundred pages to get into it.  The plan was too fast it could of done a better job at setting up the landscape and what they were up against, I think it would have been more effective if the audience knew more of the plan so we could know they were deviating from it to add more suspense.  The landscape was sometimes hard to imagine there was a map but it was still hard to imagine.

I would recommend this book for pretty good escapism with a lot of twist some way more clever than the others, but a fun read.  I would recommend it for 14 and over because of violence. I will continue on with the series, and I am really interested to read the author’s take on Wonder Woman.


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