I received Girls’ Night Out by Lake Union Publishing in exchange for a honest review.
This book is really tense really looking into 20 plus year friendships and what can drive them apart. The mystery is compelling as we find out the secrets kept among friends, and each suspect has a reason to profit from their best friend or want to be lover missing. It takes place in Mexico where bodies can sometimes stay missing which adds to the mystery.

The plot: Ashley buys her friends a four day trip to Mexico. She invites Lauren, who she has not spoken to since her husband’s death a year ago, and Natalie, her business parter for the last ten years who is butting heads with over a possible sale of their company. Three friends all met in college twenty years ago and have been friends since, Ashley bought the tickets to save her friendships and also to escape marital problems at home and to contemplate leaving her husband. The girls get together is spoiled when when Ashley ends up missing and Natalie wakes up wet on the beach with no memory of the last night. The girls have motive, Lauren a year ago blamed Ashley for her husband’s death, Natalie has fell on hard times and needs Ashley to agree to sell the company they started for millions, and there is Marco a man that Ashley has been spending a lot of time with, taking her mind off the problems with her husband.

What I liked: The tension was really good, you could feel trough out the novel. The character’s were written believable, except Marco. I didn’t like hardly any of Ashley’s choices as a character, but she was not written bad. The history of Chichen Itza was really interesting and the scene was really well written and how it eventually connects with the novel. The ending I was not impressed with at first I was waiting for a final twist, and thankfully I got it, because I moved my rating up a point because of it.

What I disliked: Marco and his dialogue, it didn’t fit with someone they had just met and that felt really false to me. The authors should have used dates and maybe times at their chapters, it’s listed like three days after, or how many days before, then the more complex morning of the night, still feel like she could have used the titles but also had a date.

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars I would recommend this to mystery and thriller loves. If you’re looking for a good fun escapist read with hardly any gore it is a good one to check out.


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