“Noir is not something you can lockdown it involves broken people not always making the best decisions.” Denis Lehane

The book is a collection of short stories, all involving Noir and in the city of Boston. I say this is a good collection, just like the the opening statement written by the editor and writer Dennis Lehane, who wrote the novels Mystic River, Shutter Island, and Gone Baby Gone.  He has four of his books and one short story turned into movies, the short story is included in this book. He at the beginning on the terms of defining noir of  states, “noir is not something you can lockdown it involves broken people not always making the best decisions,” and these stories follow those tropes.  I really liked three of the stories in this collection a lot then there were other that were just okay but only one that I was just dissatisfied with.

My favorites were: Animal Rescue By Dennis Lehane. which was a good story that was later expanded upon and and became The Drop a movie Starring Tom Hardy and the Late James Gandalfini. I’ve seen the movie and was actually shocked how much of the first draft made it into the movie. This part is all about the dog that is found in a trash can and all the trouble that happens with the owner and when the previous owner comes back and wants the dog. The ending is great for such a short story, which is later expanded on a lot.

Exit Interview By Lynne Heitman: was a cool Noir that you the reader are still piecing together as you go, first the Sloan is found with blood is it hers, she’s hiding who from? It’s really we;; put together and a quick read with a surprising ending.

The Dark Island by Brendan Du Bois is my favorite of the collection, it’s the closest to classic Noir it takes place in the past just after World War II and has a femme fatale. it’s a wonderful story about a desperate woman wanting old photos of her dead finance that died in the war but, all his stuff is still in a now shutdown barracks that they’re not allowing access you. So she wants the PI to sneak in and take them. He’s reluctant but he also lost a brother to the war and feels sorry for her. This story comes with a huge twist and a vicious ending.

Dark Waters By Patricia Powell is the only story I disliked I, I felt it just didn’t go any where, thank goodness it was short.

The book moved pretty fast and there’s a couple of themes that crumble the next story into the next. In did feel like at the end the stories got a little slow and not as good. I will definitely check out another Noir book series in a different place. There’s currently over 40 in the series.


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