This completes the saga of the the original Runaways comic book, it adds Joss Whedon, Writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and Angel, to complete the last six episodes. This graphic novel collects Runaways (2005) 19-30, Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways 1-4, and Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers 1-3.

The image above is one of my favorite covers of the Runaways, there’s even more to it and the book shows how the cover was designed.

overview: The runaways deal from the last loss of a teammate. One hellbent on getting to member back, goes the the beings that gave their parents, the Pride, their evil powers, and member makes a deal if they sacrifice an innocent soul like there parents had done then they will bring the teammate back from the dead. Things get pretty intense, theres a lot of ways this can turn out and because of the loss one member is highly unstable. The other member deal with the prediction that one of the members will turn evil in the future. Karolina and Xavin explore their relationship started in the last volume. Xavin deals with being a new member. Molly is still my favorite and she has an awesome run in the the Punisher. The Runaways go back in time 100 years, I din’t care for this story line but it does have the best lines in the volume. The Runaways face off against the Young Avengers, Kingpin and a lot of ninjas, and a Skrull invasion.

This Novel goes in chronological order, so the Runaways goes through 19-21 then the civil war storyline effected all events in the marvel universe, and we jump in to that storyline with the Young Avengers. I liked the first three a lot I feel the Civil war slowed down the book, but I will say the current things that the group were going through continued, no storylines were dropped or forgotten about. Then it closes out the Runaways run 22-30 Joss Whedon writes 25-30 and being a fan I have to say it was the worst story-wise and the best dialogue-wise. His story deals with the past and too much was going on without the proper build up, I did enjoy the scenes with Kingpin and the Punisher and thought that it ended pretty well. Then we get to the secret Invasion which is the way too end this book, it was so action packed, and we finally get to se the new member use her power, all the members of the Young Avengers and the Runaways get a moment to shine.

This novel kept with the series dealing with teenage angst, one member becomes an adult and dealing with that awkward time. It has an opportunity to bring a lost character back, and it is so refreshing the way it gets dealt with, it does not wrap up in a nice little bow, but it does wrap up by adding to a characters arc.

I recommend this if you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe, if you like young adult novels, there’s cussing but it is bleeped out. I give this a 3.6 out of 5 stars.


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