“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.”

For a book written 80 years ago, it’s pretty exciting, and beautifully written. The dialogue was excellent and went with every character. The first line is one the one lines that not even having read the book, I knew because it was so popular. I will say having watched Downton Abbey really helped me visualize the wait staff and understood how they can gossip and get so involved with the family, that they feel apart of it. This story would mess up the book “he’s not really into to you” Mr. de Winter is not great at expressing his feelings or secrets.

The Plot is. Mr. de Winter is taking a holiday to get away from Manderley, a mansion, where the late Mrs. de Winter has just drowned on the property. He meets a woman with nothing in terms of money that is pure and innocent. He quickly marries her making her the new Mrs. de Winter. When she moves to Manderley everything reminds her of Rebecca de Winter, the first Mrs. de Winter, this novel takes insecurity to a whole new level as she already feels she is losing her husband as she feels lesser when compared to Rebecca, whom was a socialite and seemed to charm everybody. There’s also a mystery involving the death of Rebecca, and who was involved. This novel I would fit in to the category of gothic thriller.

What I liked: The twist is really good when it is revealed, it was not what I was thinking but was very satisfied with it. The descriptions are fantastic I was able to picture everything vividly. There’s a little slow burn to this story but the plot keeps you interested leading up to the mystery.

What I didn’t like: if you’ve read other reviews I usually have a lot to say the only thing I could say is after you know the twist there’s another mystery involving the twist that took a little too long to wrap up. but that’s all, this is definitely one of my favorites.

When it was written feminism it’s what is now so the new Mrs. de Winter, is not a person that braces individualism and does everything to try to impress Mr. de Winter.  It does work well for the plot and her naiveté and willingness to please Mr. de Winter is used against her.

I have not seen the Hitchcock film but plan to do that soon, I like to read a book and reward myself with the movie. All though sometimes it’s not a reward but a punishment.  I still like to do it.

I recommend this to anybody looking for a great book, with a good twist, for a classic, it’s one not to miss.  I’m trying to read a classic every month.  This year I read this and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.


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