I liked this book, it is often inspirational, and enlightening. But in saying that I wanted more about the role of Ron Swanson which is mentioned through out but really only spends one chapter of him getting the role on Parks and Recreation , and doesn’t really talk any on set antics about the role, all he praise the cast. His musings are an interesting perspective, some are funny, some are prophetic and some are a rehash of ideas already discussed. I did enjoy the chapter about how he and his future wife Megan Mullally met during a play where she was already famous from Will and Grace, and the courtship there after. His proposal story is the highlight of this book, it is hilarious how he kept losing the rings but most were props from the Will and Grace set. I also learned a lot about the man, and what his values in life are, a lot of carpentry and wood working.  I also did not know he did so many plays, and is actually a more theatrically trained actor than one of film and TV.   I learned that he was a working struggling actor right up until he married Megan and got a role on Parks and Rec. He was cast in the ER live episode that premiered at the start of the fourth season mainly because of his play acting. 

I would ask the question that is not discussed if he wanted kids. probably not, but it is never discussed. I really just wanted more Ron Swanson stories and how Duke Silver came about, although I know he does play the saxophone in real life.

I would recommend this for theatre actors trying to make it into the film actor, and just the stories of a struggling working character actor. But if you’re a Ron Swanson fan and only reading it for that then you want to skip to the second last chapter of this 377 page book.  I enjoyed but I wanted a lot more I rate this book 3.2 out of 5 stars.


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