Wow will this book blow you away, I was a fan of Riley Sager’s last novel Final Girls, but this book is so much better!! There’s no genre mash-ups in this one it is a straight thriller, that is very well thought out and played on the theme of lies. The book is theme on the old sleepover/ camp game two truths and a lie. This piece of dialogue in referring to the game to truths and a lie is what makes this book so great, “What none of them understand is that the point isn’t to fool others with a lie. The goal is to trick them by telling the truth.” The twist are incredible, there was two gut punches of twist, I haven’t been hit this hard since the Gone Girl twist. I rated this book five out of five stars.

The Plot: Emma, 28, is an artist, she paints dark forest scenes, but little do people that buy the paintings know is there is a secret image hidden in the paintings, three girls buried under the forest, the girls are Vivian, Natalie, and Allison. 13 years all the girls were bunk mates at Camp Nightingale, only Emma is the only one still here, the rest of the girls went missing without a trace that fate full day. The adopted son of the owner was questioned after Emma accused him, but was never charged. the fallout resulted in the camp being closed down. Now fifteen years later the camp is reopening and they want Emma to be the art director, and to come for her own closure. She finally agrees, but when she gets there things are not as they seem, and she has to confront a lot of demons and face the truth. She ends up getting placed in her old cabin, Dogwood cabin, with three new teen campers, Miranda, Sasha, and Krystal. Will they suffer the same fate is Emma cursed. Can we the audience trust Emma, our narrator.

What I liked: The female characters are written really well, especially Emma and Vivian. The theme of two truths and a lie is used well through out the book. The twist are really good, and your emotions are played with really well. The secrets are great and almost every character has them. The flashbacks are written really well, and I never got lost on what was past and present. This novel is easy to read and really fast paced, if I didn’t have work I would have definitely read this faster.

What I disliked: there’s one thing that’s spiolerish I will say I wish one character had a more thought out plan, that’s really all.

I recommend this to lovers of thrillers and mystery. This is a stand alone and not connected by any events in Final Girls, but if you liked that story then you have to check out this book. AJ Finn of The Woman in the Window calls it breathtaking, which it totally is!


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