Man is this book different… and that’s what’s so freaking great about it. It’s like Pulp Fiction meets the Wolfman. A crazy combo that works. This book is funny and gory. It talks about myth, morale choices and philosophy.

The plot Lou and George are thugs, they don’t kill but they inflict pain, they have a loose moral code that involves no hurting of women and children. We see this code used as they break an old mans thumbs but don’t do further damage, that their boss told them to do if things go a different way. Their next job is a simple transport job from Miami to Tampa where they escort Ivan who is said to be a werewolf. Ivan is just a skinny guy in a cage that’s a major asshole. Lou and George take the job and begin the escort, Ivan plays on their morals and feelings with hurtful jokes, he has an ability to make dogs around him rapid. Long story short he escapes and is most definitely a werewolf, also he just happened to be a serial killer before he was bit. George and Lou’s job changes, money be damned they’re going to hunt and stop Ivan from killing another soul by any means nessasary.

What I liked in this book: The witty banter is hilarious, I laughed out loud while reading a couple of times, something I rarely do. Ivan is the perfect bad guy, that you love to hate. The pace of this book is so fast and doesn’t really let up, the pace reminded me of Joe Hill’s “Heart Shaped Box”Once I started it I finished it in one sitting. Jeff Strand messes with the werewolf lore but it made sense to the story.

What I didn’t like in this book: There’s a couple of choices I would’ve went another way with, but they are really minor, I will say the only thing I was bummed about, is the book already set up how full the swamps are with alligators in Florida, and it had a scene where Ivan is freaking out about if he has a tracer or not on him while he’s in the swamp water tearing at is skin, and  Having a gator come out of the water would’ve added to the paranoia and been pretty damn funny. which was totally already established.

I recommend this to people who love horror and comedy mixed in. Man does this book deliver. I downloaded another of his books to my kindle before I even finished this book, I can’t wait to read more from this author.  This author has a tone of titles on the kindle unlimited app for free with the app.  there’s a 30 day free trial of this as well. I rate this book 4.6 out of five stars.


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