The Runaways returns in volume 2, which collects the Runaways (2005) 1-18 and free comic book day Comic X-men/Runaways 1.

This was a reread for me where the first one’s plot is really strong this one took me a bit to remember where it was going, but man is it a fun and hilarious ride.

The Plot: The group of the Runaways found out that their parents were a super villain group known as the Pride. In the last series the Pride was defeated, and the Runaways lost a member of the group who was a mole working for their parents. In this issue they are stilling dealing with the fallout, and have runaway form the various foster families that Captain America set them up with. Now they hideout in one of their parents abandoned lairs with the Avengers searching for them. The Runaways get a visit from one of the members from the future warning them about a teenager who’s father is a villain who will one day kill the Avengers. The Runaways search for this teenager to stop him from destroying the future. Later they get a new member and lose another member, One member faces Wolverine, the help Cloak and Dagger, one member comes out, and the Pride rises once again. This issue does end in a little bit of a cliff hanger.

This comic is action packed and hilarious. My favorites are Chase and Molly. The member meeting with Wolverine is almost worth the price of this book, and there’s call backs to it. This book was not as focused as the last one and not filled with as much angst. The art is changed in issue 7 which is too sunny, thankfully it is only for one issue. I like the more anime look to the Runaways.

I can’t recommend this graphic novel enough. If you read the first one you must continue. If you watched the first season of the Hulu Runaways, you should reads this too get an idea of where the next season is going. It’s just a real good story that tells a part of the Marvel Universe that is not always explored. I rate this a a solid 4 out of 5 stars. The Collection I rated it five out of five.


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