The characters are amazing Lisbeth Salander in most books would be just a bisexual Hacker, thrown in for NCIS type jokes, but Larsson goes deeper, and really ask the question who is this character what makes her be a nonconformist, what are her views on the world, politics sex and most importantly love.

Mikael Blomkvist, is you everyman character, with an edge, he’s a good guy in terms of morals, but not when it comes to women and relationships. He holds little value in terms of love. His best chapters are the ones where his morals are questioned by Lisbeth, their relationship makes this average thriller better.

The problem with the story is

1. It takes far to long for Lisbeth the most interesting character to get involved with the mystery, she pops up here and there where we get back story, but she enters the mystery at like page 250 which is far to long.

2. This book has two main plots, one really interesting the mystery of Harriet Vanger, and the other about CEO of a major corporation, and whether or not he committed Fraud or not, and that it can be proven. These chapters really dragged, but Larsson does make it pretty easy to follow, and explains the business dealing so everyone can understand.

3. The Far more exciting Mystery gets solved way too early, like a 150 pages left too early, the outcome was satisfying I was just waiting for another turn and there was none.

I know a lot of people had problems with the swedish names, but the book does a good job of hammering them in, and does not to get too confusing.

All in all a good ride with a few bumps, but for a debut novel it’s really good. I give the character’s a 5 and the story a three so I give this one 4 stars. Edit: After reading the Girl who Played with Fire which I found just okay I appreciate this one a whole lot more.


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