The continuous adventures of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvest is just okay. I loved the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This story had a lot of the same elements, but just didn’t click like the first one did. The mystery is a lot more personal to Lisbeth, and we get to know her character more, but the way the mystery was told just didn’t work for me, and it’s not that the mystery was boring, it was sometime very compelling, but not all the time.

The Plot: Is based on events that happened in the first book. It starts right where the last one left off with Lisbeth dealing with her love for Mikael, and her being sure he could never love her back. She goes abroad to figure stuff out and has an adventure in Geneva. She returns not knowing that her caretaker that raped her, and she blackmailed him with the tape and the tattoo that said, he’s a rapist pedophile, is seeking his own revenge involving deadly members of a sex trafficking ring. Meanwhile Mikael is still riding high off of his expose book of blackmail and deceit. Has a couple Dag and Mia who are reporting on sex trafficking for Millennium magazine. The couple are murdered because of their curiosities and Lisbeth is the main suspect in the murder. There are a lot of details that I left off which would be potential spoilers.

What I liked: Lisbeth Salander is still one fantastic character, when she is missing from the novel you feel it. I loved the beginning with the small adventure on Geneva, I found that written really well. I liked the background of the character’s of the mystery and how they connected. I loved the character of Ronald Niedermann, he’s scary but also I also felt sorry for him.

What I disliked: The details are too much, I don’t need to know every piece of furniture that Lisbeth bought at Ikea for her apartment. The novel repeats conversations a couple of times, which is annoying. Lisbeth is gone for too long, I kept waiting for her to pop up again, but her taking an 80 to hundred page break in the middle was too much and really slowed down the book. While the the first novel was pretty straight foreword, this novel jumps around too much with it’s character’s and slows down the momentum.

I would recommend reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo whole heartedly. But this one I barely recommend if you’re like me, you want to read the original trilogy, this book was a misstep but I want to continue on. I will say this book kind of sort of leaves on a cliffhanger. I hope the next book I will enjoy more, I will give this a 3.2 stars.


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