This book is a fun ride!, Is it great literature? No. But man is this story action packed it had worried about the character’s a couple of times. The bad guy is a force, and has reason behind his actions. I lived this novel a lot more than Earth Hive.
The plot continues with Wilks, Mitch, andBillie just made it off of Earth before the alien’s took over. the transport ship has a destination, but the stowaways don’t know where. They find out that they’re on a transport ship that is shipping frozen bodies with alien infestations to a research base light years away, but the aliens break out before the destination. Leaving the stowaways to fight for their lives. Upon reaching the destination they find out that a general Spears is training the aliens to fight by using behavioral psychology by burning and threatening the queen to burn her eggs. The plan is to take these fighting aliens and retake earth.

       What I liked: There’s some good humor, a truly evil bad guy in Spears, who’s plan and execution are compelling to read. Pretty easy to visualize. Mentions of Ellen Ripley. Great action beats it reminded me of a Matthew Reily Novel in terms of pacing.What I disliked: He relies on nightmares a little too much, I know the title is Nightmare Asylum but I think there was seven or eight, and that was a bit too much. Interesting flashbacks on the villain, I liked the first kill, could have went without the lost virginity story. Take the pretty girl distraction thing way too far, butt naked with legs spread, too far! despite all that it is a fun ride.

I would recommend this for fans of the Aliens film series, there’s some pretty great action scenes, and Ripley from Aliens call backs. I would rate this 3.8 stars if I could.



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