Wow is this story epic!! It is so much more than the Kennedy assassination. This is a story of choices and the repercussions of those choices, it has romance, adventure, spying, conspiracy, and a whole lot of heart. This was a novel that I thought I knew where it was going, but boy was I wrong and couldn’t be happier. This book is an incredible journey, with so much vivid detail, you’ll feel like you lived this adventure.
The plot is: Al Templeton has found a hidden time bubble in his diner, that goes back to the summer of 1958. Each time you enter know matter how long you stay is two minutes in our time. Al was on a mission to stop Kennedy from being assassinated when he develops lung cancer and has to stop. He needs to find a replacement fast as he is dying and his restaurant is to be moved. He recruits Jake Epping a English teacher and a long time customer to take up his mission. Jake isn’t all that sure but see’s what the time tunnel can do, and decides to take up the mission.

What I liked: The writing is excellent, very easy to visualize. the details also help with the vision but King gets the pop culture references to be apart of the story than to feel like add ons. This story didn’t go in the direction I thought it was going.

What I disliked: The betting I thought was to stupid for the character to make, when he gets desperate it makes since, but the betting habits don’t makes since after he chides himself for being stupid and not really needing the money.

I recommend this one wholeheartedly!! In my opinion It’s one one of his best works, my Favorites are The Stand and The Long Walk, and now this one! I will say if you watched the Hulu mini series the novel has enough difference that you can enjoy, and if you’re a fan of King’s works there’s so great mentions from two character’s from “IT”. The series expanded two characters from Frank Dunning and Bill Turcotte, and the Bill character is totally reimagined. I recommend watching the series after you finish.


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